Updated: Oct 16

The 2021 summer transfer window of football has seen some unexpected moves that nobody thought of will happen. Some pundits are saying this is the most shocking transfer window in football History since some big names are involved in the business. Let's have a look at some big deals that happened this summer.

Article Courtesy: Swapnil Valvi

Lionel Messi

Paris Sain-Germain has bolstered their squad with the most powerful trump card in the football world. Nobody was expecting the move of Lionel Messi will come into the picture since the Argentine was so loyal to Barcelona that he was ready to take a pay cut of 50% than his actual salary. This was confusing for football fans because Barcelona was ready to announce Messi till 2026 with only 2 years of salary for 5 years, but on the afternoon of the day of the announcement the statement of La Liga arrived and the deal collapsed. According to regulations of La Liga, “Barcelona was 1.5 million US dollars in debt and it will never happen that a player is paid 2 years’ salary for 5 years. That can not be called sporting income. The salary fund should not exceed 70% of the club’s total income.” According to this regulation, Barcelona can only invest 25% of the fund in the transfer market and renewing the player contracts. La Liga cleared Barcelona that they can not proceed with Messi registered in their squad. Paris Saint-Germain grabbed the opportunity and within two days they made their move. The race was between Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain for Messi but since Manchester City had already spent big money on only one player so they stepped back. Messi will receive a huge bonus according to clause if Paris Saint-Germain wins the UEFA Champions League this season.

Sergio Ramos

Last year Nasser Al-Khelaifi, the owner of Paris Saint-Germain committed through Twitter that if Paris Saint-Germain manages to reach to UEFA Champions League final, he’ll sign both captains of Real Madrid and Barcelona. Paris Saint-Germain didn’t manage to secure their place in the final but Nasser did sign Messi-the captain of Barcelona, but before that he signed Sergio Ramos-the captain of Real Madrid. Ramos had an excellent career with Real Madrid for 16 years with 22 trophies including 5 league titles and 4 Champions League titles Ramos left Real Madrid as a club Legend. Real Madrid was wanted to offer one year contract with a 10% of pay cut whereas Ramos agreeing on the pay cut but wanted the contract for two years. The negotiation didn’t go well as Ramos was taking more time negotiating. It will be interesting to watch him teaming up with his arch-rival Lionel Messi.

Romelu Lukaku

Inter Milan was denying every possibility about Lukaku leaving the club but in the end, Chelsea managed to get their player back into the Premier League. The reunion of Lukaku and Chelsea is interesting because Chelsea was missing the target man for upfront in the Line-up and now they have got probably the b