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Top 5 Visionary Women of 2023 Ft. Publishing Pitaara

In a resounding celebration of female leadership and innovation, Publishing Pitaara proudly unveiled its distinguished accolade, honoring the Top 5 Visionary Women of 2023. In a world where transformative ideas and unwavering determination pave the path to progress, these exceptional women stand as paragons of ingenuity and inspiration. The Top 5 Visionary Women of 2023 are Mayaa SH, Roopal Arora, Kasturi Sinha, Kavita Misra and Ashreeta Mohanty.

- Mayaa SH

Mayaa SH is a revered authoress and a practitioner of upliftment of women all across the country and globe. She has spearheaded an unprecedented mindset for a stress-free, violence-free society. Through a myriad of her underlying thinking, a network of publication houses including her recognition for her awards and accolades, and a rapidly growing presence across the nation, she has endeavoured to make room in the minds and hearts of many women who have given up on the hope of living life. Mayaa SH has developed unique, impactful understanding that empower, equip and transform individuals to tackle challenges at global, national, community and individual levels. She has helped many women around the country in stress relief and endeavouring to reach a state of calm and wellbeing. Mayaa SH has helped many by simply talking to them where individuals find peace within which becomes the wellspring for peace and harmony in society. Mayaa SH is acclaimed as a literary powerhouse and advocate for women’s empowerment, challenges societal norms through her bold narratives. Her writings, breaking stereotypes, echo gender inclusivity, earning global acclaim and multiple awards. Addressing women’s daily challenges and advocating for equal rights, she navigates stress and inspires hope through her self-help books, expertly discussing sensitive issues like suicide prevention. Mayaa’s direct storytelling, rooted in culture, deeply resonates, reflecting intimate human dilemmas. Her significance as a feminist icon lies in her fearless transgression of boundaries and her ability to voice the feminine perspective, making her an essential force in contemporary literature. Mayaa SH continues to inspire, challenging societal constructs and paving the way for gender equality. Mayaa SH is recognised globally as an eminent literary figure and advocate for women's empowerment, stands as a colossus in contemporary Indian literature. Her accolades and awards underscore her profound impact on both literary and social realms. Known by various names like Mayaa Devi and Lady Robin Hood and Female Karl Mark, her diverse contributions have transcended borders.

- Roopal Arora

In realm of multifaceted brilliance, one name continues to shine brightly - Roopal Arora. Her journey marked by an exceptional blend of technical expertise, educational leadership and literary finesse, is a true testament to the power of dedication and versatility. She is a dynamic and multitalented writer based in Delhi, India. With a diverse range of roles, she thrives as an IT professional, freelancer educator, author, blogger and writer. Roopal's writing journey is a testament to the transformative power of words. Her words have ability to change lives, ignite inspiration and foster connection. She is beacon of creativity, radiating positivity and enlightenment through her thought provoking work. In a world thirsting for profound voices, Roopal stands tall ready to make a lasting and positive impact on everyone. Roopal embarked on her educational journey with a degree in Information Technology, followed by a Master’s in Business Administration with specialization in Information Technology field. These academic foundations set the stage for her remarkable career. Roopal's illustrious career is adorned with the titles of Oracle Certified Professional and SAP Professional, underscoring her mastery of complex IT systems. Her thirst for knowledge led her to complete two courses from the esteemed British Council, enriching her understanding on an international level. She is a passionate educator holding titles of Microsoft Educator, Buncee Educator and Wakelet Educator, imparting knowledge to next generation of tech enthusiasts. She is a brainmaths professional, showing her innate talent for logical thinking and problem solving. With a distinguished career spanning six years at leading IT firms like Wipro and CNEB network, she has proven herself as a standout IT professional, making significant contributions to her field. She holds position of Manager Technical at Marucom private firm where she melds her technical acumen with managerial skills all while working remotely.

- Kasturi Sinha

In the ink-stained corridors of her mind Kasturi Sinha, a Research Scholar from department of English, Ravenshaw University, Cuttack wonders through the landscape both real and imaged, seeking information from world around. From the gentle caress of a summer breeze to the depths of human despair, she finds solace in crafting words that resonate with the souls of those who listen. Her words are woven with threads of introspection, empathy and a touch of whimsy. In the symphony of language, she paints vivid imagery upon the canvas of reader’s imagination. She has been an adorable Professor for a couple of years under Nagpur University who already have a few books and much of the anthologies to her credit. Her poems, stories and articles are vividly appreciated and published as well as read and recognized in various platforms. Until now she has won various awards in different categories in the field of Research and Literature. She is a postmodernist writer and a passionate influencer of twenty first century who has completed her graduation in English Honours, had her major in English and also an M.Phil. in English literature. Presently, she is pursuing her PhD degree. Born in Odisha, brought up in Maharashtra, she is a blend of both simplicity and modernity. She represents the young voice and loves to participate and engage in the discussions to address the real-world challenges. Miss Sinha’s small hostel room, crammed with books and post-it notes, became her sanctuary. She has spent countless hours poring over texts, from Derrida to Foucault, and analyzing online forums, social media, and contemporary art. As she delved deeper into her research, Miss Sinha encountered challenges. Postmodernism was notorious for its elusive and ever-evolving nature but her determination knew no bounds. She attended conferences, seminars, presented and published papers, engaged in heated debates, and developed a network of like-minded scholars. She has also participated in numerous national and international level contests, showcasing her talent and love for literature. She is a passionate Odissi and folk dancer, an amateur singer, a photophile, a creative artist, a motivator, a coach and counsellor to young and aspiring researchers and students.

- Kavita Misra

Kavita Misra is a woman who lives life on her own terms. She is brave, bold and holds herself fully responsible for her decisions and never regrets them. But her present avatar has taken shape after a painful struggle that has transformed her into an independent woman. She was born in a well-knit family consisting of parents and two sisters. The first 19 years of her life were filled with familial love and affection that can easily be termed as idyllic, till her mother, with whom she had a special bond and was the healer of all her pains, left for her heavenly abode. At this crucial juncture, her father donned the double role of a father and mother and tried his best to fill the gap left by her mother. Then she entered the most unpleasant phase of her life. Little did she know that an event, her marriage, for which, like any other girl, she had nurtured romantic notions of conjugal bliss, would turn out to be a nightmare. After the birth of her daughter, she experienced the ugliest manifestations of patriarchy: contempt for the girl child, domestic violence, humiliation and mental torture. This was in sharp contrast to the ‘daughter is princess’ concept followed by her parents. Things came to such a pass that she had to literally escape from there in view of life threat to her infant daughter. She returned to her parental home and set about rebuilding her life as a single mother. She did not lapse into despondency, but tapped all her inner resources to stand on her own feet. Initially she took up a regular job for a few years and after she had some savings for survival, she gave it up to provide quality time to her daughter and father. But she did not sit idle. She worked as a linguistics freelancer, both offline as well as online, and this added to her experience. Bringing up her daughter, both as a mother and friend, has been the most rewarding experience of her life, and it was a unique joy when she did very well in her first Board examinations despite the death of Kavita’s elder sister on the eve of her exams. That her daughter is brave and focused is a matter of immense happiness for her. But all this was not possible without the unflinching support of her sisters. Kavita is presently teaching senior classes in a prestigious School in Lucknow. She is not only a New Woman, as defined in current parlance, but a woman who has maintained ‘grace under pressure’ and has emerged as a woman who takes on life as it comes and surmounts obstacles with dignity in a male dominated society. You can get to know her from her website LITERARY KAVITA. She’s also there on Instagram as @literarykavita and on Facebook as #Literary Kavita or Kavita- thinking aloud.

- Ashreeta Mohanty

She is an ITES professional having nearly 10 years of work experience in various domain. Currently she is working in an academic research and event management company in Odisha and staying with her husband in Adipur, Gujarat. Writing is her hobby. Her endless love towards literature started from school days. She used to do guest blogging before in different websites about socio-economic issues, geopolitics, work-life balance, personality development, lifestyle etc. This journey has almost come to an end after her marriage. Due to the constant encouragement from her husband, she restarted her journey. And thanks to social media she could be a part of the writing community again. Now she is been associated with various publication houses and contributed as a co-author in some of the great anthologies. She has received few awards recently in the field of literature.

She is also going to publish her Solo Book on "Mental Health and Spirituality" with a renowned publication house. She is enjoying her writing journey in recent times and wish to explore more versatile opportunities. Truly humble with this wonderfully amazing opportunity. Looking forward to many more impactful association with the Publishing Pitaara Community in the days to come.

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