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The inning which made Virat a brand

Exactly a decade ago, the chubby boy from Delhi, and the former U-19 captain of India, Virat Kohli played one of the finest innings you will ever come across. The day marks the beginning of Virat turning into a brand for India and world cricket. With his aggression, he kept the Sri Lankan bowlers at bay and took the world by storm leaving them in his admiration. Since then, even till today, the best batter of the current generation, Virat has continued to rule the hearts of cricket fans across the globe.

He is popular not just amongst the fans, but also across cricketers across the globe. Everyone loves to have him in his side or wants to do best when they play against him. One can guess his popularity when someone in PSL said that everyone is praying for Virat's 71st century. Even though the 71st has taken a lot of time to come, the fact that he has 70 centuries in the early years is an extraordinary thing in itself. But the most amazing century coming from his bat came exactly a decade ago from now.