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Updated: Jun 12

Bengaluru, 10 June 2024: The JD Design Awards 2024 Interior Design Exhibition concluded its two-day run, leaving a lasting impression with its showcase of innovative design. The exhibited works went beyond aesthetics, each boasting a unique narrative. Young designers served as storytellers, using their creations to paint a picture of the future of design through the captivating lens of fiction. The event attracted a distinguished audience, including influential figures from the media, academia, prominent brands, and the design world.

The event commenced after the lighting of the lamp by Mr Nealesh Dalal, Managing Trustee - JD Institute of Fashion Technology and Founder of JD School of Design; Ms Sandra Agnes D'Souza, Director South - JD Institute of Fashion Technology; Mr Pramod Adhikari, Chief Mentor and Trustee at JD Educational Trust; Mr B R Prasadh, Principal JD School of Design, Ms Suma M, Academic Manager - South; and Dr Anusuya K, Vice Principal JD School of Design along with the Dr Nischay N Gowda, Ar. Sakshi Raj Kanchan And Ar. Dhanush B HODs of the Interior Department

Chief guests at the event were Mr Partha Sarathy SJ, Founder, and Design Director at Ocean of Design and Mr Zubair Ali Ahmed, Managing Committee.

Mr Praveen Kumar and Ms Pooja Raheja, Co-founders, TOR Professionals, Mr Vijay Ramachandra, Human Scale - Sales Director and Mr Ramesh; Sidvig & Co.Design is more than just beauty. Aspiring designers from the JD School of Design and JD Institute of Fashion Technology showcased innovative creations that transcended aesthetics.

These designs were not just visually appealing, they told stories, pushing the boundaries of design with intricate details and clever technology integration.

The JD Design Awards aim to empower young Indian talent, shaping objects and experiences. This curated extravaganza specifically highlighted the next generation of interior design leaders from Bengaluru, showcasing their passion and vision for the future of the industry.

Mr. Nealesh Dalal applauds the young interior design talents of Bengaluru, whose visionary projects exemplify the program's forward-thinking spirit.  Their innovative approaches to design, evident in their award-winning submissions, have set the stage for a global impact. 

"This is just the beginning," he says, "the awards aim to be a global launchpad, taking these talents onto the international stage and cementing Bengaluru's place as a design powerhouse."On the occasion also present were our esteemed jury members Ms. Megha Satish, Co-Founder & Creative Director Kreatr and  Dr. Rakesh, Partner at A3E Studio.

Witnessing the incredible talent on display and the excitement of presenting the awards created a truly cherished memory for all the young designers involved.

Showcasing their visionary touch to the world of interior design were: Best Thesis of the Year was awarded to Tisha N Jain (BSc), for the design of The Cubbon Park State Central Library, and Shree Nighila AK (MSc) for the design of Prefabricated Home and Retirement Home.

Best Execution of the Year was awarded to Rishika P (BSc) for the design Karat Kraft, and Prajwal Kumar & Jacob Daniel M (Diploma) A for the design Unbound Evo - Gaming Table.

Best Design of the Year was awarded to Deepthi Lunia (BSc) for the design Virasat- Heritage of Rajasthan, Sushma H M (MSc) for the design KeeperCove, and  Nakul G & Ajith Aditya S (Diploma) for the design Capsule Home-Workspace.

Best Concept of the Year was awarded to Ashaank Pereira (BSc) for the design of Project Mulibrie, and Pramoditha N (MSc) for the design of Bioheaven Hub.

Best Virtual Experience Award was awarded to Nisha Kumari (BSc) for the design Immersive Interior Design in Virtual Reality, Siddharth Gugaliya (MSc) for the design Switchplay: Transformative Gaming Room, and Kavana K B (Diploma) for the design LOView.

Best Innovative Design was awarded to Thiriveedhi Jahnavi Priya Tejaswini (BSc)  for the design of The Vintage Cafe, and Keshav Poddar (MSc) for the design of Gaming and Animation Studio.

Best Design Solution was awarded to Tisha K Jain (BSc) for the design Container Conundrum: The Green Studio Mystery, Labdhi N Kothari (BSc) for the design Tapestry of Time, and Pavana S Reddy (MSc)  for the design Vistara Cottages.

Best Design Strategy Award was awarded to D Sanjana (BSc) for the design Travellers Lounge, Kajal Jain  (BSc) for the design The Astral Abode, Sakshi Jain (MSc) for the design Sukoon Safar, Find Your Peace on the Move, and Syeda Samreen Fathima (Diploma) for the design Emotionally Responsive Furniture.

Best Sustainable Design Award was awarded to Neha A (BSc) for the design Kid's Lounge, Prachi Ranka (BSc)  for the design Varya: An Experience Centre, Farhana Firdous Ahmed (MSc) for the design Futuristic Biophilic Restaurant with Hydrophilic Walls, and Lalrinhlupuia (Diploma) for the design Urban Courtyard.

Best Display of Live Corner was awarded to Saaya Ann Jacob (BSc) for the design The Oasis, Vidhi S Jain (BSc) for the design Designscape, and Shruthi M (MSc) for the design Experience the Chola Culture - HomestayBest Product Design was awarded to K.K.

Manasa (BSc) for the design  Cognest, Silky Gupta (Diploma) for the design Advancement Centre - Fluidity and Organic Interiors, and Veena R (Diploma) for the design Sole Sanctuary. Special Jury Award was awarded to Malepati Greeshma (BSc) for the design of Nature Nest Co-Working Space,  Rashi K Mehta (BSc) for the design of Multi-Purpose Centre - Future Meets Adaptability, and Gayathri R (MSc) for the design Postpartum Wellness Center.

Mentor’s Choice for Best Methodology was awarded to Burigari Satya Yamini (BSc) for the design of Unplugged Oasis.

The design landscape is poised for a revolution, fueled by advancements in technology and our evolving world. At the JD Design Awards, we embrace this disruption. We champion the boundless creativity of aspiring designers while providing them with the guidance and mentorship they need to thrive.  We serve as a launchpad for the next generation, offering a platform to showcase their talents, forge connections with industry leaders, and gain invaluable insights. This empowers them to not just navigate, but actively shape the future of design.

Coming soon to the following cities: Hyderabad Bangalore - FashionKochi

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