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RAIN Technologies proudly launches RAIN TRADER, a marketplace for investing and trading models

Upstox Founder Raghu Kumar and ace hedge fund manager Harsh Agarwal’s fintech firm RAIN Technologies has launched RAIN TRADER, a web-based platform that offers a unique marketplace of fully automated trading and investing algorithmic models. RAIN TRADER allows users to experience a hassle-free, fully automated, algorithmic trading experience. Users can simply browse the marketplace, discover algorithmic (quant) models, and subscribe to them with the click of one button.

The Indian stock market has been evolving at a rapid pace thanks to technological advancements, especially with the advent of API trading. The growing need and subsequent demand for automated trading tools were identified by Raghu and Harsh a few years back. Their journey started in 2014. Raghu, the Founder of Upstox, and Harsh Agarwal, who founded AG acquisitions, met at an award event where they discussed varied topics including the future of algo trading at length. A shared passion for technology and algo trading later evolved into a business partnership that laid the foundation for RAIN Technologies.

Launched in 2018, the company has developed a quant algo-based investment platform called RAIN TRADER for a niche clientele comprising retail participants, proprietary trading firms, institutional investors and HNI's.

RAIN TRADER is a ground-breaking automated marketplace for retail traders to make algo trading effortless for all. The product aims to bring the entire trading ecosystem together on a single platform – a home for automated trading. Interested users can get early access by joining the waitlist on the company’s website

Raghu Kumar, Co-Founder of RAIN Technologies and Founder of Upstox, said, "Trading is oftentimes a stressful and anxiety-ridden activity due to the fact that emotions enter the picture. It becomes difficult to control greed, fear, and other negative emotions. By availing of fully automated investing and trading models, users can now participate in the stock markets in a stress-free manner. They can spend their free time doing other activities in life, and RAIN TRADER makes this possible.”

Harsh Agarwal, Co-Founder of RAIN Technologies, said, "At RAIN, our topmost priority is to provide the most innovative tools and features for our users. We want our users to enjoy the process of trading in a fully automated and algorithmic manner. It was a proud moment when we were able to build RAIN TRADER, a product that was solving a problem and helping a large community of traders as well as investors. From there on, there was no looking back."

About RAIN Technologies:

RAIN is your home for automated trading. With its flagship product RAIN TRADER, you can avail fully automated trading and investing algorithms. With a robust execution engine and risk management systems, RAIN allows its users to avail the benefits of algorithmic trading in a seamless manner. To know more, click here


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