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RaanBaazar - A Political Drama

Planet Marathi has launched Marathi's First OTT platform called Planet Marathi OTT and has successfully fulfilled the entertainment part of the audience. There are a lot of options to watch and entertain yourself. But some series are classic.

So is the series " RaanBaazar"

Starring Prajakta Mali and Tejaswini Pandit as sex workers, this is a story where these two shake the Maharashtra Politics.

Abhijit Panse is famous for his films like Rege, and Thackrey, has a unique style of his direction as well as writing. So is seen in this series.

This is a Multi-Characters Web series, which interconnects in many ways.

All the performances are strong and bold. Also, Abhijit also has worked in this series.

Two prostitutes get tangled after a murder of a politician and the story begins.

Another interesting thing about this series is the episode's names. The actual situation in the series or the graph of the series where it is taken describes the situation in episodes. One of the episodes name "Gubad", shows the actual turning point of the whole series, which is creatively excellent. The effect of backward fast motion through the scenes is the connecting dots between the incidents which take place.


Talking about'RaanBaazaar', Director Abhijit Panse said, "What we have done with Raanbaazaar, is something that has never been attempted before in the regional space of Marathi Entertainment."

"The idea is to extend and expand the level and quality of Marathi content beyond boundaries to push it across national and global audiences," Panse added.

- Times Of India


The cinematography is excellently done, with some slow-motion sequences in it. The music and sound by AV Prafullchand and Abhijit Panse is making the audience dance and make reels.


Veteran actor Sachin Khedekar who has also joined the cast expressed his confidence in the series “Raanbaazar is a once-in-a-lifetime series. It was extremely important to get each tone of the character right because the storyline lies heavily on the back of its characters and you need to do justice. The series is our labour of love and I am impatiently waiting for it to release and see how the audience react”

- Mumbai News Network



Actress Prajakta Mali, who has another major part of the series commented on the launch “It was a humbling experience as an actor shooting for Raanbaazaar. Each nuance, every move whether captured on-screen on no, was rehearsed in my mind. It brought out the best in me as an actor, and even though I knew the storyline, each time we shot a scene it was surreal. Honestly, I cannot wait for it to be released!”

- Mumbai News Network


The editing and Post Production, done by Nilesh Gavand and Vishakha Gokhale, have a great impact on the series. The title song is also creatively shot. The Production Design by Santosh Phutane also made a great impact on the series.

A multi-cast web series is here to entertain the audience with a suspense thriller drama.

Akshay Bardapurkar, Planet Marathi, and Raavan Future Production have created the longest web series in Marathi Film Industry and it has already made its place in the audience's minds.

While we can see this series on Planet Marathi OTT app, this series is rated 9.2/10 on IMDb.

Please do watch and get entertained!!

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