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Pushkar Sharma : The rising star signs a contract with Moj

Pushkar Shivkumar Sharma is a name known in the Mumbai Cricket world as well as the Kenyan cricketing world. The southpaw has garnered the attention of cricket fans with his amazing batting style. His popularity is the reason, he is often offered to endorse brands, the latest of which is the Moj application.

He received a contract from Moj last month. He was extremely happy to receive the contract and said "It's an honour for me to receive the contract from Moj. Moj is used by so many superstars and celebrities, and to get a chance from a platform this big is a very special feeling for me. I am extremely thankful for them to consider me. Also, I would like to thank Media Hunt who made this contract possible ".

While Pushkar Sharma is happy for this achievement, his fans and well wishes knew something of this coming his way, looking at the fan following he enjoys. His hard-earned following is a result of his dedication to the game. His success is not overnight, he has gone through a lot, to reach this level.

Hailing from Hathras in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India, the boy, at a mere age of 9 shifted to Mumbai alone for the love of his game. He was a naturally talented player. And he toiled hard to further hone his skills. He developed his natural attacking ability. Speaking about him, many experts said "Pushkar Sharma's flick shots are God gifted".

With his skills, he had impressed everyone in the Mumbai circuit. Resultant of this, he was named the captain of the Mumbai U-16 squad. He was the captain of the squad who had talented players like Prithvi Shaw, Agni Chopra, Arjun Tendulkar, Pranav Dhanawade and many others. He led the Mumbai U-16 team well. On his captaincy debut itself, he displayed his immense determination. He came to the crease when the team were stuck at 24/5 and led the team to 260 odd runs playing a crucial knock of 63 runs.

Everything was going right for him. Looked like he was the upcoming superstar India was waiting for. But a tragedy struck his family. His beloved father, whose dream was to see his son play for India, was no more. The sudden demise of his father left a wound on Pushkar's mind, which is yet unfilled. In complete distraught, he left cricket for a while. But to accomplish the dream of his father, he took the sport once again off.

But it was not going to be difficult. As the financial responsibility of his family came off the 17-year-old, it was difficult for him to focus on both. At this time, he was supported by India first Life Insurance. Praveen Menon sir of India first Life Insurance provided him with the job and selected him to play for their cricket team. And he did not disappoint them. He won matches for the team. Till today India first Insurance continues to support Pushkar and has extended their support till 2022 end.

But the competition in Indian cricket was immense, which resulted in him not getting enough opportunities. Owing to further opportunities, he had to take a few tough decisions. Indiafirst yet again supported him in this decision. Pushkar got an offer to work and play for Hirani Telecommunications in Nairobi, Kenya. After a lot of thinking, he took the difficult decision to leave his beloved motherland and shift to Kenya for further opportunities.

Adapting to the situations quickly, Pushkar's bat showed class in Nairobi. His natural ability to attack helped him play the T20's in Kenya. He was named the captain of Ruaraka Sports Club. This was a great chance for him to showcase his leadership qualities again. In the latest NPCL, he led his team from front, playing the skipper's innings often. He amassed 841 runs in the tournament. While doing so, he scored 4 magnificent centuries, 3 half-centuries. He also completed the century of boundaries in the tournament. His efforts helped Ruaraka Sports Club finish in the top 4 for the first time in NPCL.

As they say, talent finds its way. Likewise, Pushkar Sharma, an immensely talented player, with his hard work has found his way. In near future, we wish to see him playing at the highest level of cricket for Kenya. It's great to see companies like Moj encouraging him to grow further. Also, it is heartening to see the support of Indiafirst Life Insurance to Pushkar through his thick and thin. With the wishes of his fans, support of the organization, and with his extremely hard work and dedication, we wish to see this fighter accomplish the dream of his father soon.

Author:- Ashwin Jangam (Cricket Analyst, Host, Poet, Entertainer )

Insta I'd:- cricket_creativity


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