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Nojoto, Poets Convention and Dil Ki Awaaz put together a spectacular program "Open Mic"

A successful open mic was organized on 17th July 2022 promoting literature and art by Nojoto, Dil Ki Awaaz and Poets Convention.

In this, artists from different states of the country presented their works. The stage load was with the eloquent leadership of the eminent artist "Hon'ble Deepak Malhotra". The convener of the program "Dil Ki Awaaz" founder - "Priyanshu Sharma" and the founder of the Poets Convention "Deepti Chander" were also present. The presence of "Respected Neha Duseja, Neer Neeraj, and Pradeep Tiwari" amongst the veteran and experienced cast added to the grandeur of the Mehfil.

Every artist who breathed his life in this program was truly appreciative of his ability. Prashant Gola and Shivam Verma covered the entire program.

The program was started by Vishakha Ji, the living lions of Akash Dhyani Ji put life into the gathering, with this Anubhav Sharma ji's "Coin tossed" composition won the hearts of the people, along with Krishnakant, Vibhor Bijoy, Chintan Khattar, Mahima Mishra, Firoz Alam, Rohit Mishra, Anjana, Sangeeta Thakur, Sarita Yadav, Shalu Aggarwal, Subham, Akash Raghav, Shalvi Ji set the stage very simply, so many singers also looted the gathering with their voice. Lee in which Manju Juneja, Mishti Singh, Niyasha, Vansh Mehta, and Durgesh Kumar were there. Famous writer Abhisar Shukla Ji was also present in this program. The same many artists like Muskan Sharma, Ruchika Mishra, Parul Sharma, Mahima Bhatia, and Jeevan Jyot Kaur, won the hearts of everyone by presenting their art in front of everyone, in the end, Krishna Sharma Ji gave the last presentation of the program and concluded the gathering.

“Priyanshu Sharma”, founder of Dil Ki Alfaaz, said that he organizes such programs day by day for budding artists in different places of the country and hopes that the artists will get the benefit of it. Describing Nojoto, he said that any artist can get a lot from his art, respect, honour and even recognition. Nojoto is a great place for all those artists who want to earn something through art.

In the end, by giving commendable letters to all the participants, the honour was given to Neha Duseja Ji, Neeraj Neer, and Pradeep Tiwari Ji as the guest of honour and the program ended by wishing for the happiness of the new society.

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