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Mr Manoj Gupta, Managing Director, Fortune Applauds Government's Strategic Economic Initiatives Unveiled in Interim Budget 2024

Mr. Manoj Gupta, the Managing Director of Fortune, has expressed his appreciation for the strategic provisions outlined in the Interim Budget 2024. His remarks underline the government's proactive stance towards economic rejuvenation and its targeted focus on key sectors and initiatives, signaling a positive trajectory for the overall economy and various industries.

Mr. Gupta commended the government's enthusiasm and commitment, stating, "The provisions in the Interim Budget are not just encouraging but also indicative of the government's proactive approach towards economic rejuvenation. Most importantly, its enthusiastic focus on key sectors and initiatives is commendable, setting a positive tone for the vibrant future of the overall economy and industries across the spectrum."

Fortune is highly optimistic about the transformative impact these measures will have on the economy and is particularly hopeful for the growth of the IT industry. Mr. Gupta highlighted the government's proactive efforts to boost the IT industry through the Production Linked Incentive (PLI) scheme. Under this scheme, the government has already disbursed more than Rs 1600 crore, demonstrating a commitment to fostering innovation and growth in the sector.

"We appreciate the government’s proactive efforts towards boosting the IT industry through PLI scheme under which it has already disbursed more than Rs 1600 crore, and further it has allocated Rs 6,903 crore in interim budget 2024," Mr. Gupta emphasized.

The substantial allocation of Rs 6,903 crore in the interim budget 2024 showcases the government's dedication to supporting the IT industry's advancement. These initiatives are expected to contribute significantly to the development of semiconductors, further strengthening the technological landscape.

Fortune looks forward to the positive impact of these measures on the IT industry, anticipating a transformative leap forward. The company applauds the government's forward-looking approach and remains committed to contributing to the economic growth and development of the nation.


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