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Heritage International School Partners with Thalir CII YI to Enhance Industry Exposure .

Heritage International School, in collaboration with Thalir CII YI, marked a significant milestone by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to provide students with exposure to industry knowledge, skill development programs, value education, and preparation for global education. As part of this partnership, the inaugural event titled "CHOTA COP" workshop was conducted for students from Grade 1 to 10 at Heritage International School in conjunction with CII-Yi-Young Indians.

The primary objective of the workshop was to enhance students' understanding of the importance of road safety through rules and regulations. The session outlined the rules that vehicle operators, passengers, pillions, and pedestrians must adhere to. The facilitators of the workshop, Mr. Sparsh Chamdia and Mr. Abhishek, imparted valuable knowledge to the students.

The "Super Kid Cop" session was exceptionally enlightening, fostering an awareness that prioritizing the safety of all individuals is paramount and a fundamental responsibility. This reinforcement instilled in the students the role of becoming agents or "Super Kid Cops" who uphold the values of an exemplary citizen dedicated to following established rules and regulations.

To promote interactive learning and awareness, students are encouraged to complete the Report Card and Road Safety Activity Book based on their observations of their surroundings. This initiative aims to make the learning process enjoyable while fostering awareness.

The session was attended by esteemed members of the school's management, including Mr. Krishna Bhilare (Founder, President), Mrs. Sangeeta Bhilare (Secretary), Mr. Kunal Bhilare (Director), Mrs. Yashaswini Bhilare (Admin Manager), and Principal Dr. Renu Patil, along with the teaching staff.


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