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Energy Storage policy to complement green push by companies like Adani, Siemens and ReNew Power

Building on the gains achieved by pioneers like Tata, Adani, Siemens and ReNew Power, the proposed Energy Storage policy will enhance India’s energy transition

The Indian government is mulling over a new ‘Energy Storage’ policy to complement the country’s green energy push. The policy will dictate the large-scale integration of green power with the country’s power grid. The presence of an efficient power storage facility will give India access to a stable power grid when it comes to renewable energy. Given the intermittency of clean energy sources like wind and solar, large storage facilities will come in handy to meet power quotas on off days.

India has already crossed 100GW of installed renewables capacity, thanks to the efforts of companies like ReNew Power, Tata, Adani, Siemens and Suzlon.