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Cricketer Pushkar Sharma Meets Indiafirst Company - Awarded as a Proud International Achievement

A future rising star of the cricket world, cricketer Pushkar Sharma started his career as an employee of Indiafirst Company now Indiafirst Company became a family part of his life. The same company invited Pushkar Sharma considering his consistent efforts and hard work towards his dream Indiafirst provides 5 years of sponsorship, as an employee to become cricketer Pushkar faced so many challenges this journey is not so easy,

Speaking about Pushkar Praveen Menon Sir said

“It was expected from me that Pushkar would make it big; this award is just a token of appreciation for his achievement. My best wishes to him on his journey towards becoming a great cricketer.”

Also speaking about Pushkar Mr. Rehman sir said

“It's been a great achievement by Pushkar. Getting international acclaim is something to be proud of, for him as well as Indiafirst Life. Way to go for him, and we wish him all the very best.”

On 27-Dec Pushkar Visited Indiafirst Company while expressing his feelings, Pushkar Sharma said, Indiafirst Company is an integral part of my family. I was working and playing for Indiafirst so I came here to meet my colleagues. Indiafirst and My family stood by me with strong leaves and so I was able to get everything I got the opportunity to play for Kenya, recently I slammed 4 centuries and 3 half century's in 2021. Lastly “Pushkar said in future I want achieved greatest opportunities and faced new challenges while doing all those things I learn money, fame is not a power, the real power is how you maintain your relationships with people and never forget our roots”.

Written By –Raghavendra Anand Jangam


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