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Bhediya- A film with Strong VFX

Well, I am very very late to review this film , but yes , after so many days , watched this beautiful film , with a strong message , awsome VFX and a nice story.

The main characters are Varun Dhawan aka Bhaskar and Kriti Sanon as Dr.Anika and the whole film is shooted in Arunanchal Pradesh.

The film is produced by Jio Studios , Maddock Films and Dinesh Vijan , directed by Amar Kaushik and written by Niren Bhatt.

The film narrates us about the care, affection of animals towards us and vice-versa. The plot builds up through Varun Dhawan business of construction of roads and ends as Bhediya.

Talking about the roles , Varun Dhawan is an excellent actor and has given many best hits , talking about this film we see his energy with high level. The level of energy he has put is hats off.

Kriti Sanon , is playing as a doctor and we see a great twist after the interval. And that twist is really unexpected. Her caring role as doctor , and the love bells ringing between them , again makes us soothing and a watchable film.

Talking about the VFX , it is fablous. The transformation of Bhediya is really awsome and flawless.

The coreography is nice , songs lets you bring the aura of the film together and just feels good to watch.

The supporting actors like Nowit Sabhi as also played a major role , and keeping the film more engaging to watch.

The story seems to be incomplete or less focused , but the VFX made it put over that.

It is a nice film to watch.


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