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2100+ inspiring women from the world joined the Golden Book of Earth

2100+ inspiring women from the world joined the Golden Book of Earth

Fifteen thousand distinctive women honoured by the Swarna Bharat Women Empowerment Board

We are very proud to honour 15000+ super talented, most inspiring women from around the world in a program conducted by IIU TV. We don't need a special day to glorify women or their womanhood. She is the hero of her life and the heroine of her dreams celebrates life every day as an opportunity! Initially, we started with a mission to award 1001+ remarkable women in the Golden Book of Records. But, as we moved towards our goal, we received a fantastic response and recorded over 15000+ names. Every name had its own unique story, an inspiration in itself. With the selected blessings of the intervening hand, IIU and SBP have decided to honour all selected women in 4 stages on March 13, May 29, July 27 and November 21.

On the historic day of March 13, 2100+ Inspired Women were honoured and awarded instead of 1001+ Women We extend our heartfelt gratitude and gratitude to all who believed in us and believed in our vision and mission. Empower a woman and she will empower the nation Initiative of the program Trustee Dr Roshni Lal Ji addressing Australia that successful women now need to run campaigns to change the lives of struggling women. Shri K L Ganju and Sandeep Marwah Ji were present as chief guests in the program

Those who appreciated the initiative of Swarna Bharat Family and International Internship University for women empowerment. Playing as a guest in the program

1. Mr K. L. Bald

2. Dr Sandeep Marwah

3. Nadia Hari Hari

4. Pratibha Mishra

5. Professor Caroline Makaka

6. Dr Vijay Kumar Salvia

7. Shri Purushottam Das Mittal

Meaningful discussion on International Women's Day theme "Gender Equality Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow" in which The following speakers participated

1. Dr Parin Somani

2. Prof. Dr Biren Davey

3. Dr Neeraj Vohra

4. Shrutidhara Arya

5. Dr Desziree Richardson

6. Mr Sanjeev Sehgal

7. Dr Shyam beautiful reader

8. Collibelli D Harvey

9. Dr. Rajarao Pagidipalli

Put your thoughts on me

In this grand event, Dr Dipti Rajotya from Swarna Bharat Family discussed the programs run by women Kanchan Sharma discussed in detail about the facilities offered to disabled women by Chief Guest Mr K L in the form Many celebrities around the world, including Ganju Ji, have kept their point *as an associate in the program *

1. Global Foundation for Early Childhood and Research

2. National Institute for Foundation Teachers

3. International R & D Creativity

4. Mother India congratulations organization

5. Smart Labs - Redefining Robotics Education

* Conducting the event (host) *

1. Dr Shelly Bisht

2 Dr Monica Kapoor

3. Dr Madhavi Borse

4. Ermina Oprican

5. Laura Stenciu

IIU Main Member

1. Dr. Snigdha Kadam

2. Dr. Prachi Gaur

3. Dr. Nada Ratvovich

4. Dr. Masuda Yasmin

5. Dr. Deepti Rajyotya

IT Management is done by Remarkable Education. At the same time, Dr Masuda Yasmin saw improving the program.

On this occasion Swarna India and IIU head personality highlighted, Peeyush Pandit, is not just a name. That is the vision no vision can ever dream of. He is the inspiration whose lives value millions of inspiring stories. A man who was born to rule rules the hearts of millions. True synonymous with being human. The perfect combination of leadership and charity. A holy name like holy water, a man with a pure heart more than gold, and will power more powerful than the word resolution. She is always determined to be a winner. He inspires, he loves, he cares, he supports and he just keeps on doing... And her stories speak a lot! Dr Snigdha Kadam expressed gratitude to all credits to the entire team for the success of the program. Thanks, the proposal was given through HR department as well as wishing all women a bright future.

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