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Synergy Quantum Solution Lab to be set up by IIIT Hyderabad with Synergy Quantum India Ltd

International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad (IIITH) entered a strategic partnership with Synergy Quantum India (SQ India) to establish the Synergy Quantum Solution Lab (SQSL@IIITH).

The collaboration aims to develop financially feasible quantum technologies and their applications in both military and civilian use cases.

The Synergy Quantum Solution Lab will focus on researching and developing quantum communications technologies, with a special focus on post-quantum encryption, quantum key distribution, quantum random number generators, quantum sensing, including quantum navigation. The partnership is a significant milestone for IIITH as it continues to drive innovation and make an impact in the world of quantum technologies.

Prof. P J Narayanan, Director, IIIT Hyderabad said, “IIITH has one of the most extensive quantum computing research groups in the country”. He further mentioned that the new Quantum Solution Lab will add a significant dimension to the research, making it yet another research translation lab for the institute. He expressed enthusiasm for the quantum solutions that could be developed for defense and other sectors through this initiative.

The Synergy Quantum Solution Lab on the IIITH campus will employ full-time engineers, work alongside academicians and research students, and feature business development managers, all of whom will work together to conduct professional translational research, development, and commercialization of quantum solutions. This one-of-a -kind Lab in India is being jointly funded by Synergy Quantum and IIITH.

The Lab will be under the leadership of Prof. Arun Pati, who has been in the World Rank List of Top 2% of Scientists recently published by Stanford University. He is among the Top 1% of Scientists in General Physics which includes Quantum Computing, as reported by Stanford University. He is also no 1 of World’s most famous Quantum Information Scientists in Google search. Speaking about the initiative, Prof. Arun K. Pati welcomed the idea, noting that “it would pave the way for the translation of fundamental research in quantum information into practical technological developments”.

SQ is a leader in the quantum revolution, developing high-impact industry solutions that utilize advanced quantum communications technologies. According to Jay Oberai, founder & CEO of Synergy Quantum India, "We are very excited in partnering with IIIT Hyderabad on developing and commercialising some very interesting technologies within the field of Quantum secure communication, Quantum secure Data storage and Quantum-Safe Private 5G Networks. This alliance is poised to advance the development of quantum technologies and contribute to the growth of the quantum industry in India.”


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