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Christine D'costa cherished the spirit of openness among parents and teachers

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

It's always a rare combination for Instagram viewers to experience parenting tips, Childhood Memories, Questions and Answers about their next journey as a Teacher, Edupreneur as well as Storyteller on the same screen.

But the Evening of 5th December 2021 was an exception because of the energetic arrival of an Edupreneur, Storyteller Christine D'costa Ma'am.

Her kindness would shine through her interactions with each of the topics, students and the Audience never felt uncomfortable seeking her advice through loads of questions.

She knew exactly how to comfort them when they were going through difficult times, and would always stand firm in what she believed in.

This live session was conducted by creative director Prachetan Potadar which was a complete package to keep updated on modern instructional devices and inspire them to become better teachers, empathetic leaders, professionals and human responses in the modern world.

A popular teacher, edupreneur, Christine D'costa had arrived and had the spotlight for the topic named "Educating Edupreneurs".

We witnessed the innocent expressions of so many children like Calvin, Mikhail, Ranveer. On the other hand, Mr Gaurav Sharma shined with motivational Hindi verse which charged up everyone from the viewers.

"Great things may take time but hard work pays off at the end, I am a firm believer in collaboration rather than competition "- Christine Ma'am opened up her heart while answering various questions across the globe.

The audience were swept away with the childhood memories of our guest. Mrs Pamela Dcruz; a senior teacher, the mother of our guest who shared some wonderful parenting tips too

Christine D'costa put these important questions into the picture

Are the teachers alone need to be blamed on the matters of their kids?

or parents need to understand the importance of parent-teacher partnership in moulding the children?

The answers were cherished with a lot of screenshots from time to time. Honourable Guest, Christine D'costa Ma'am easily adapted to the mindset and queries of children and parents.

The way she answered the question raised by 58 years old anonymous lady took this interview level right on the top.

While responding to the questions, she took us back to her journey of the initial years of Morning Star and CESA academy when she was short of funds.

The way she narrated the journey from scratch to the top 99 women's across the globe was an actual epitome as the storyteller of life lessons.

During this conversation, Christine D'costa put her attention to the contribution of her students working for different faces of society such as working towards empowering people from various walks of life.

The social spectrum of her academy CESA has provided free spoken English classes for Transgenders. This was an initiative by her student Seeko Apno Se

CESA believes that empowered women empower a tribe of women with essential soft skills.

She collaborated with her trainer Mrs Sherine Palanna and provided free trainings.

She made a highlight on the curriculum should promote and enhance the love of the nation within children during this early learning phase.

Our Guest received tons of claps, appreciation from everyone from the comments section

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