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Bismah Maroof - Supermom and a true inspiration for everyone

Before the start of the high voltage match between India and Pakistan in the Women's World Cup 2022, the visuals which the fans saw made the cricketing world fall in love with women's cricket even more. The visual was of Pakistan Women Team's skipper Bismah Maroof. When everyone saw Bismah with her newborn angel in the Tauranga stadium accompanying her supermom, the world was in awe of the scene.

In a true sense, Bismah Maroof has gained tremendous respect from fans across the globe. She serves to be an inspiration for all the women who wish to continue on their dreams without giving up or compromising on having a personal life which they wish. Her immense dedication to the game is the reason why she was able to do so.

The star from Lahore was an academically bright student and her parents wanted her to be a doctor. But fortunately, she grew interested in cricket and continued to play it for her life as a career. It was only a matter of time before the star made her debut for Men in Green at the mere age of 15 years. Since then she has been an integral part of the team. She is the first Pak woman to score 1000 plus runs in ODI's . She captained the Pak side for almost 4 years where she led the team very well.

In the case of most subcontinent women sportspersons, it is believed that indulging in personal relationships can make it difficult to pursue their passion in sports. In addition, it is also believed that having a child will almost make it impossible for sportswomen to re-enter the sport. But breaking all the shackles, Bismah set an example for sportspersons. In April 2021, when she announced her maternity break for an indefinite amount of time, most people might have thought that the career of Bismah was only till that point.

But proving everyone wrong, she made a strong comeback and a solid statement to the world. After giving birth to a new women's star in August 2021, in December Bismah announced that she would be a part of the squad going to the world cup. In a quick period of 6 months post her pregnancy, she dedicated herself to her first love of cricket and made herself fit enough to clear all the required fitness tests to be a part of Women in Greenside.

One can only imagine the pain she might have gone through the six months when she had to match the fitness levels she earlier had. Also thinking about practising hard enough to still be the best batter on the side in such a short time post-pregnancy can give goosebumps to anyone. But she did it. Not just that, during her maternity, leave too, she was constantly involved with the Pak team. The team had always considered her to be their leader even when she was not a part of the squad. This is why, she was chosen as the leader of the Pak side for the mega event, knowing that she was coming in the side after a long time.

Seeing her in the stadium along with the little version of herself, therefore was a sight that everyone loved with their heart and soul. She was on her national duty, and along with it, she made sure her personal duties are taken care of too. Women are truly multi t, and Bismah is an example of that. To say the least, her personal life didn't affect her on-field behaviour one bit. Her field placements and rotation of bowlers against Indians was amazing. She lived up to the expectations of her being the best batter on the Pak side by scoring a half-century yesterday against Australia. The pics of her celebrating her half-century while her mother and newborn are in the stadium are good enough to melt the hearts of the strongest of the people.

In a true sense, Bismah Maroof is an inspiration to everyone. She is a role model for every woman who wishes to be in the sport. What makes her journey even more special is the fact that she comes from a country, where Abdul Razzak, a player who has represented the country had ridiculed Nida Dar on a public platform, speaking about women who play country in a negative way. She has broken barriers of orthodoxy multiple times, and she will continue to do so. This is why none of the cricketers from the opposition can resist coming and meeting her and her newborn. Pakistan as a team is not performing up to the mark, but whenever one will speak of Pak skipper Bismah Maroof, one will always have the highest respect in their minds for her.

Authored By:- Ashwin Jangam ( Cricket Analyst, Host and Entertainer)


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