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  • Akshaya Patra serving communities during the Pandemic

    The COVID-19 pandemic has put forth challenges that countries worldwide have not had to face in a long time. These are unprecedented times that have forced several countries to take preventive measures to contain the spread of the Coronavirus. When containment measures to curb the COVID-19 outbreak were implemented in India, people from vulnerable communities, such as daily-wage earners and domestic helpers, were the worst affected. Among other things, their access to food had become difficult, severely limited or even absent in some cases, leaving them exposed to hunger and starvation during the lockdown. In the event of widespread food insecurity triggered by a natural disaster, there is a need to collaborate services to provide food relief to the affected population. Groups and organisations with access to the necessary resources, such as corporate organisations and NGOs, can come together and aid the Government’s humanitarian efforts in such situations. In line with this, the Akshaya Patra Foundation has always come forward to undertake food relief across the country whenever called upon. Akshaya Patra is one of the implementing partners of the Government of India’s Mid-Day Meal (MDM) Scheme. The organisation began by feeding 1,500 children in one city. Today, it reaches out to over 1.8 million children across 12 states and two union territories every day through its vast network of kitchens it has established over the last two decades. Throughout its journey, Akshaya Patra has gone beyond its school feeding operations to use its network to develop an efficient response system to aid the Government’s humanitarian efforts during times of distress through relief feeding. Akshaya Patra has utilised its kitchen infrastructure and resources to serve the affected communities in various locations across India (Karnataka, Kerala, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Odisha, Assam and Bihar) as well as beyond the borders in Nepal during the earthquake in 2015. In keeping with its essence to serve people, particularly in times of need, Akshaya Patra swiftly responded to the situation when the containment measures to curb the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic left millions of people without any access to food. In March 2020, as the country first went into a national lockdown, Akshaya Patra collaborated with the Government and its donors to set up packaging centres for food relief kits and used its kitchens for cooking meals for the marginalised. Meals were served and food relief kits with essential groceries were distributed to daily-wage earners, labourers at construction sites, workers in industrial areas, migrant labourers and rough sleepers. Over 12 months, Akshaya Patra worked with the Government and donors to serve over 11.7 crore meals cumulatively in 18 states and two union territories. The organisation actively contributed to food and nutrition security of the vulnerable communities by serving over 60 million freshly cooked meals, 10.18 lakh food relief kits (over 40 million meal servings/each containing dry ration to cook 42 or 28 meals) and 7.6 lakh Happiness Boxes for MDM beneficiaries (each containing dry ration to cook 20 meals). Akshaya Patra’s kitchens, which it has established across the country over the last 20 years, were vital to its food relief work. The organisation utilised its kitchens to prepare cooked meals and delivered them to the locations assigned by the local authorities where they were served to those in need. As with the cooked meals, food relief kits were also in accordance with the local palate. In India’s southern and eastern states, such as Karnataka, Telangana, and Odisha, food relief kits contained rice, dal, refined oil, spices, sambar masala and vegetables with long shelf-life, such as potatoes and pumpkins. In North India, rice and sambar masala were replaced with wheat flour and garam masala, respectively. As with food relief kits, Happiness Kits also contained groceries, but these kits were designed specifically for MDM beneficiaries. These kits focused on health and nutrition and hygiene and education of the Foundation’s beneficiary children during the pandemic, with their contents ranging from ragi flour and glucose biscuits to toothpaste, toothbrush, sanitary pack for girls, colour pencils/crayons and activity workbook. With school closures resulting from the pandemic keeping millions of children away from the classroom, Akshaya Patra endeavoured to work with the Government and donors take learning and nutrition to its beneficiary children’s doorstep. Happiness kits were distributed in Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Dadra & Nagar Haveli, Gujarat, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Odisha, Rajasthan, Telangana and Uttar Pradesh. Since March, Akshaya Patra has strived to address food and nutrition insecurity triggered by the pandemic by adopting need-based solutions. Through these endeavours, Akshaya Patra effectively demonstrated that it is conscious of its responsibility towards the children and communities and reiterated its commitment to support the Government’s efforts to serve them.

  • Get your Dream Home at the online expo organized by MW Group

    A virtual property expo will be organized by MW Group, which will help buyers get their dream home just at the tip of their fingers. This digital expo will help buyers walk through the home of their choice from the safety and comfort of their home. MW Group will be displaying up-to 3000 properties that they are offering on this 3D platform. Buyers can have a virtual tour of sample flats through 360- degree-view videos to feel space and surroundings. Due to the current pandemic situation of uncertainty, the developers will be offering various offers that will ease the process of buying property like free stamp duty, free registration, no GST, no brokerage, and many more. This expo will take the buyers one step closer to owning their dream home. This would be a perfect opportunity to sightsee various projects, as the intensity of spread of the COVID-19 pandemic had forced plentiful potential buyers to postpone their plan who were looking for property and were willing to invest in the real estate industry. The benefit of this online expo is people will be devouring various property options from their homes' safety. Commenting on the online expo, Janardhan Amin, Founder of MW Group, said, "Many developers have turned to a digital platform to showcase their property. The benefit of this expo is that we get various renowned developers under the same virtual roof, which will ease the buyers' navigation. With many of the prestigious and leading developers on board, the online expo will provide home buyers and investors to select an ideal property from one-stop-shop with attractive offers." MW group is one of the renowned residential real estate consulting firms dealing only in primary real estate in Maharashtra and Karnataka. They have more than 300 channel partner builders and 500+ projects. They specialize in budget homes, emphasizing modern architecture, robust project implementation, and eminence construction.

  • Inspire Co Spaces salutes the ultimate superpowers of women

    The contribution of women in every sphere of life is massive. Inspire co-spaces recognized and felicitated every woman employee with a rose and chocolate for all their hard work and effort to maintain the work-life balance efficiently. They celebrated the day for all the women who have worked hard to achieve personal and professional goals. "The world is moving towards achieving gender equality by breaking the stereotype of males having all privileges and women limited to household chores. This day also marks a call to drive for expediting gender equivalence. We cannot calculate their contribution to the workforce and the value they bring. Many women play a role contributing to the company's success that goes unseen. These include women who work as housekeepers, security personnel, and other support staff. We salute their spirit, bravery, and enthusiasm to keep moving ahead in their lives, surmounting all barriers", says Amit Sathe, Founder and Director– Inspire Co Spaces. Mr. Nisshith Agarrwal, Founder and Director, shred his views on the occasion of the Women's Day celebration, saying," We should always acknowledge and the value and importance of women in our lives. Today's women are self-confident and ready to push all boundaries required to finish and excel in their jobs. Women are more responsible and accountable in every sector. Celebrating women is a sense of obligation to every woman in one's life.” Inspire Co space is one of the fastest-growing and ever-evolving co-spaces. Equipped with all business essentials, they are one of the most convenient and cost-effective co-working spaces, who can accommodate Freelancers to big MNC. It is one of the most preferred workspaces incorporating various seating arrangements and technological advancements to cater every working individual's need.

  • ‘Embossoming Dusk ‘ shines Charukala's Exhibition

    Charukala is not just a catchy word. It is indispensably related to performing arts. A group of young artists from Bengal enlightens Altamira Art Gallery having taken the oath of keeping the culture alive. The Exhibition consists of a bunch of marvellous Photography and Art from artists if different age group. Ace Artist Soumita Saha's Art also gets displayed at the same Exhibition. Soumita's famous creation 'aberrant ' gets displayed, yet the flag bearer of spring 'Embossoming Dusk ' attracts attention from the viewers. The spectators confused Embossoming dusk as a piece of Photography first and later understand how perfection speaks louder than the lens. The grand inauguration ceremony was conducted in presence of Maestro Mallar Ghosh, his wife and eminent elocutionist Mallika Ghosh, Danceu and Law Professional Sayantani Ghosh Megh , eminent Theatre Personality Amit Sarkar. The Photography section consists of some equally good photographs from Sreekanya Bhattacharya, Samir Das, Anirban Saha and Arnab Mukherjee. Arnab Mukherjee's Work on black and white was indeed a masterpiece titled" Water of Refinement". Soumita's work has been Exhibited at Kolkata's ace art galleries as well as Mumbai, Delhi and Pune. Her work did not remain confined within the country but reached Portland's Artreach Gallery as well. Soumita who is currently busy working on a few film projects and EDM projects also revealed that she is completely running out of time composing for TVCs. The administrative body of Charu Kala consists of Enthusiastic youngsters namely Sreekanya Bhattacharya, Rajdip Das, Mayukh Bhattacharya, artist and Mentor Sumanta Bhoumik.

  • First-of-its-kind OM TV app launched on the occasion of Mahashivratri

    The app aims to enrich historical, mythological, cultural and religious India across all age with a philosophy of – GyaanBhi, GarvBhi Presenting India’s first-of-its-kind OTT platform, OM TV, an app that offers everything which can make us say that we are Indians. Om TV is not just an ott platform, it's a thought that forced the team to embark on a journey of gaining knowledge while traversing through the various aspects of cultural roots that lay hidden in sculptures, temple carvings or structures , food habits, rituals and above all the people of the nation called Bharat. OM TV is just a humble attempt to showcase the diversity and deep-rooted philosophy present in the traditions of the nation And, the platform's philosophy reflects that which is "GARV BHI, GYAAN BHI " Om TV is one place that has endeavoured to capture all the dimensions of Sanatan Dharm possible, through the strength of storytelling as stories are an integral part of our cultural roots. It' is an attempt to make the citizens of this country aware of the scientific knowledge, the science behind rituals and customs, deep philosophy embedded in every action through various programmes. If some mythological films and shows captured viewers imagination at one point in time, there are wisdom nuggets disseminated by elders in their talks, whose experience itself commands respect, in the show named aptly - The Chair. On one hand, if there is a programme debating on Aastha or Andhvishwaas, there are small nuggets of information in Gyaangyaan. While there is an attempt to enthral the audience through music and bhajans, there is also an attempt to bring in the everlasting philosophy of Gita through simple stories of the day to day life. OM TV aspires to be the way of life that aims to capture the imagination through its stories in fiction or non-fiction format. It is still evolving to let its roots spread around to be able to make every Indian proud of their rich heritage through the knowledge that lies in Vedas, Puranas, Upanishads, Guru Granth Sahib, Shabads, Kirtan, Jatak Stories. In its evolving process, OM TV aims to conduct quiz programmes, bring the age-old Yoga for different learners, animated Stories of Puranas, Jatak Katha and nuggets of wisdom from revered Vedas, Guru Granth Sahib. Om Tv is proud of its conscious effort to raise the conscience of people around and hopes to carve its a philosophy in the audience too - GarvBhi, Gyan Bhi The launch of the jyotirlinga TV app happened on the occasion of Mahashivratri at Mahakaleshwar Temple in Ujjain. The temple is one of the few jyotiling temples in India which makes the significance of the launch better. Present were actor Rajesh Kumar from Sarabhai fame, Mr Amit Azad, great-grandson of freedom fighter Chandrashekhar Azad and Mr Nitin Jai Shukla, Founder and Creator of OM TV app. The dignitaries, post taking blessings from Mahadev, launched the app and spoke about its relevance and significance in the temple itself. Mr Nitin Jai Shukla, founder and creator of OM TV said, “It was my honour to be able to launch my app at Mahakaleshwar Temple, Ujjain, one of India’s most visited jyotirlinga. What makes it more special is we got the opportunity to launch it on the auspicious occasion of Mahashivratri. A special thank you to Usha Thakur Ji, Minister, Tourism and Culture, Madhya Pradesh and Mr Ashish Singh, Collector Ujjain, for letting us launch the app smoothly in the temple’s premise. My friend and actor Rajesh Kumar has been generous enough to do some anchor links for the OM TV app and being a part of this event and lastly Mr Amit Azad for lending his valuable information of his great grandfather Chandrashekhar Azad Ji and bestowing us with his presence at the event. We at OM TV are confident that one will connect with our app because it's a humble attempt to make every Indian proud of their rich heritage through the knowledge and connect with our philosophy- GarvBhi, Gyan Bhi” Actor Rajesh Kumar said, “I have been a Mahadev bhakt since my childhood and have personally experienced his divine power. When I was told about being a part of the launch of OM TV at the Mahakaleshwar temple at Ujjain, I had no reasons to say no. One does not get an opportunity like this to witness the Mahakal aarti at one of India's prime jyotirlinga. I am very happy to associate with Nitin Jai Shukla, creator OM TV app. In fact, I have shot some anchor links for his app where the audience can expect a very different side of me. Here we are trying to enlighten people of the cultural, religious and heritage of India where we live in"

  • Nitin Seth’s ‘Winning in the digital age' defines the seven building blocks for success

    ‘Winning in the Digital Age: Seven Building Blocks of Successful Digital Transformation’, authored by Nitin Seth, has already become an Amazon Best Seller. A power-packed panel of business leaders and industry experts like Raman Roy, Chairman & MD, Quattro; (Former Chairman, NASSCOM), Leo Puri, Finance Sector Leader, Puneet Chandok, President, AWS India & South Asia and ChatriSityodtong, Chairman & CEO, One Championship, got together today debating India's future potential to be the world's leading Digital Powerhouse. According to the author, “We are in the early stages of the Digital Age – which is the mega-trend of our times and it presents an unprecedented opportunity for society at large, enterprises and courageous individuals. You can win big or lose uncoverable ground – as Digital-natives like Tesla, Amazon and Zoom have already emerged as winners by applying the New Rules of Business in the Digital Age. For India, the Digital Age could be the epoch for its progression to global leadership leveraging its unique advantages. With2.8 million engineers graduating every year, the lowest cost of broadband access, widespread mobile devices, and crucially- democratized information- knowledge can flow to disadvantaged millions providing them opportunities that were not possible.” He also expounded that India is currently facing a unique paradox as growth has stalled despite having all the right fundamentals in place. While COVID impacted overall economic growth, regulatory bottlenecks, inadequate infrastructure, lack of preparedness at the organizational level and unrealized gains from Digital Transformation opportunities still exist. By applying the principles in the book, India can unleash entrepreneurial energy and emerge as a decisive winner in the VUCA world (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous). The book also recommends 8 New Rules of Business that any enterprise must adopt along with Two-Speed Execution to emerge as a winner in the Digital Age. Referring to the desired skillsets for leaders and professionals, in his book, Nitin has highlighted the need to master duality to deal with the constant paradoxes around Growth vs. Profitability, Short-term vs. Long-term, Strategy vs. Execution and so on to lead through the VUCA world. On this note, his guidance on a two-speed implementation approach to managing complex and contradictory objectives gets extremely relevant and pragmatic. The two-speed approach refers to simultaneously achieving short-term-focused results and in the long-term driving fundamental shifts that will help achieve the strategic objectives. The book, available on Amazon and Flipkart, has drawn reviews and testimonials from industry experts and key influencers across the globe. One key thing which is highlighted by many is that this is Practitioner’s Handbook on the complex topic of Digital Transformation. Highlighting this aspect, veteran industry leader Raman Roy, Chairman & MD, Quattro,added“Nitin Seth, from his experience spanning over two decades, has provided a practitioners’ perspective to bring clarity to the complex topic of Digital Transformation by introducing the Seven Building Blocks of Successful Digital Transformation, helpful for both seasoned business leaders and young professionals.” Leo Puri, Finance Sector Leaderendorsedthe view as well, “Nitin has meticulously crafted an invaluable handbook for those who wish to structure their thinking and action on a Digital Transformation program. Thesecould be business leaders, civil servants, students, entrepreneurs, or curious generalThese could readers. the perspective that the entire expanse of the digital journey across strategy, technology, organization and leadership are explored, and lessons shared in a usable manner.” Speaking on the importance and relevance of cloud in the digital age, Puneet Chandok, President, AWS India & South Asia said, “We are indeed living in the Digital Age, with technology transforming businesses, experiences, and our lives. Cloud is one of the most critical enablers for driving successful Digital Transformation. The book provides a comprehensive framework to play offence when it comes to Digital Transformation, as itconnects the dots beautifully and can differentiate the true signals from all the noise around us.” ChatriSityodtong, Chairman & CEO, One Championship shared his perspectivethat One Championship is the case study of Principles applied as suggested Age by Nitin Seth in his book ‘Winning in the Digital Age it connects. To his advice to young entrepreneurs on the relevance of the book, Chatrisaid, “This book is a must-read for any world-class business leader who demands nothing but excellence. Digital disruption is the single greatest opportunity and says that threat for every company on this planet. Without equivocation, I can saythat ‘Winning in the Digital Age’ is the roadmap for success. The seven winning mantras for young professionals have been well articulated in the book and highlights the importance of moving away from the comfort zone to take risks and persist in search of excellence.” Summing up, Nitin opined, “Digital has become an all-pervasive mega-trend, dramatically changing the lives of individuals, business models of enterprises, and the economy of India. “Winning in the Digital Age” inspires today’s leaders and tomorrow’s visionaries to embrace the VUCA world, unleash entrepreneurial energy, MasterDuality, and help progress India to being a global leader for the Digital Age.”

  • 'Growth Expo 2021' proves to be an unprecedented platform for business growth for brands & investors

    'Growth Expo 2021' proves to be an unprecedented platform for business growth for brands and investors Why it so? - 50 participants and over 1700 visitors took part -Traders, dealers, small businesses and investors get special benefits - More than 3000 investors from across the country were involved Battling the consequences and effect of the global pandemic ‘Growth Expo 2021’ proved to be an extremely profitable proposition for brands and investors. ‘Growth Expo 2021’ for the very first time was organized on the virtual platform; this mega event was attended by various businessmen, investors and consumers across the country. Over 1700 visitors including 50 participants took part in the Expo. The three-day online event held nationally proved to be a powerful medium for major brands to grow their businesses and investors in the country. It also gave a chance to both sides to explore better opportunities and future prospects. During the three day mega event many important points were covered such as business information showcase, profile sharing, live chats with a Mrexchange of a business card, video conferencing and interactive event booths. ‘Growth Expo 2021’ Digital and PR partners were Troopel and PR 24x7 respectively. Speaking on the success of the event, Mr. Yashesh Shah said, "We are happy that we have managed to bring together companies and investors from different sectors such as cleaning systems, small businesses, franchise owners, traders, and dealers from food, auto, education, retail, financial service providers, health-wellness, and water technology amongst others. A common platform for growth has been provided to everyone to benefit at the Expo- 2021. Let us know that more than 3000 investors from various states participated in this expo including Gujarat, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Delhi-NCR. In which some major brands like Shanti Juniors, H3 Pre School, Chocolate Room, Padmam Capital were also seen participating actively. According to the expo, new people joining dealers, distributors or franchisees and franchise owners for the purpose of getting better results were also observed in contributing their efforts at the Expo.

  • Catch the Recap of NRK (Neeta Razdan Kaul) Presents Women’s Day Celebration with Central Mall

    Central Mall located at Shivajinagar, Pune was cherished after so long time when NRK planned such a great women's day celebrations, This Event had received a tremendous response through live broadcasting on social media So, our team met NRK and ask her about this journey of 4 days. and she presented the glimpses. Day 1 NRK Calendar Shoot 2021 at Central Shivaji Nagar, Venue & Fashion partner Central, we got 25+ Registration. Special thanks to Esthava Acadamy for this lovely makeup for all the kids. please see the glimpse of the shoot. We got great support from Central Store manager Mr Sunny Yadav and Miss Shweta Verma. We are thankful to NRK for bringing such ideas to engage Mall & Crowd continuously. Day 2 NRK organized Flea Market & Dance Shows for all the ladies at Central Shivaji Nagar with SR Dance Studio & Dance-o- Mania. We have invited two separate groups and it was a successful event. Anchor Nirup Kumar Satpathy and Photographer Amol Dhawale. Day 3 On Women’s Day NRK has invited all the Models for a walk (Central Brand Shoot). we got a very good response in two days with 20 + registration. We have invited Actor Amol Devan to felicitate the Models. We would like to thank Mrs Swati Saraf (Groomer) she has groomed all the ladies for the walk, anchor Mr Nirup Kumar Satpathy, Photographer Amol Dhawale, Venue, and Fashion partner Central Pimpri, and great support by Store Manager Pritam Papani. In this fashion walk, you will see all the new collection of Central. Day 4 NRK Calendar Launch at Central Shivaji Nagar, where we have invited all the parents and kids for distribution. We would like to thank our Sponsors for this shoot, Shree Bakery (Khushboo Singh), The K Junction (Kuhoo Gupta) & Real Home Care (Nilofer Vasaya), Makeup Artist Sherin Mushtak, supporting partner LOC (Ladies online Club), Anchor Nirup Kumar Satpathy who have engaged the entire crowd with his Anchoring and jokes, Photographer Amol Dhawale. Again, we would like to thank Central for this opportunity.

  • "Impossible is possible in the eyes of crime," says Ravi Kishan on &TV's Mauka - E - Vardaat

    &TV is all geared up to present its viewers with a riveting weekday crime series titled 'Mauka-E-Vardaat'. It is a show that ought to compel one to believe that the rhetoric 'reality' is stranger than fiction. Narrating some of the baffling crime stories, Bhojpuri Superstar and a well-known public and television personality Ravi Kishan will be seen giving a glimpse into some of the most shocking crimes. In a candid conversation, the popular actor talks in detail about the show and his role: 1.Tell us about your role in the show. How did you get associated with the show and what made you choose this role? I will be giving a prelude to some of the most chilling tales of unimaginable and mindboggling crimes, its magnitude of salaciousness and bizarreness. There have been so many shows in a variety of genres, but Mauka-E-Vardaat stood out for me. It is the kind of show that convinced me to be a part of it in a heartbeat. After understanding the concept in detail, I realized that the show would showcase such unthinkable and inconceivable crime stories beyond belief. The impossible is possible in the eyes of crime, and the people need to know that. These stories will be the hook point for the audience to watch. 2.How is Mauka-E-Vardat different from the variety of crime-based shows on Indian Television? Will it be a weekday or weekend series? There is a plethora of crime-based content available on Indian television these days, but & TV's Mauka-E-Vardaat is unique and refreshingly different. The daily episodes will showcase some of the most bizarre, unimaginable and inconceivable crime stories that will compel the audience to question – Yeh Hua TohKaise Hua? The show will an anthology series featuring the most thrilling and most mysterious crimes, inspired by real-life stories, leaving the audience at the edge of the seats with the most unpredictable turn of events. 3.What according to you is the USP of the show? What kind of crime stories can the viewers expect to see in the show? Apart from presenting the most inconceivable, unimaginable crimes, the show will also have a woman protagonist playing an instrumental role in unravelling these extraordinary crimes' mystery. The viewers can expect twisted crime mysteries in the show. 4.Crime-genre has always appealed to the audience across all age groups. What do you think could be a reason for this? The crime series genre has been and continues to the Indian audiences' all-time favourite. Indians appetite and fascination with salacious and mindboggling crime stories and mysteries has always been a cornerstone to various crime-based storytelling on Indian television. Crime fiction is appealing mainly because of the adventure and suspense as it offers the edge-of-the-seat thrill. With crime fiction, there comes an element of criminal psychology; people are often inquisitive about why one would commit a crime or how a criminal's mind works and what drove them into committing such a heinous crime. 5.Being a Bhojpuri superstar, how do you see the difference between Hindi and regional content? In my experience, the regional and Hindi content, though have similarities but stand out in their unique way. Languages are quite a good learning experience and exciting. No only one becomes fluent in the language but one also gets to work on different content that each has to offer. I get the best of both worlds! But I strongly relate to the Bhojpuri audience. When performing for them in their language, it is like 'Maa kehaath ka khaana' which gives me the confidence to accept that I am a Bhojpuri superstar. 6.Your message for the viewers/readers? My only message to the viewers is to keep their eyes open, be aware and watch out for any signs of a possible crime. Your safety always comes first. A criminal doesn't always look or behave like one, so it is essential to be mindful of your surroundings and teach your children to understand the difference between right and wrong, be aware and most importantly be cautious and alert. It is a joint effort and at the end of the day, it is the lives of our loved ones that matter more than anything in the world.

  • Don't miss the glimpses of #HeforShe along with Empowering Womens Awards 2021

    The third season of #HeforShe along with Empowering Womens Award recently happened at the Constitution Club of India in Delhi. The award powered by Lux Cozi, My Rajasthan Concept, Rahat Aid Foundation. Famous Fashion Designer Pooja Motwani took the initiative in which people of different sectors honored for the commendable work done by them. Awardees From 15 cities & 2 countries were present at the grand event. "This time the theme of the event was #HeforShe - In which they showed that every woman has a very important role and contribution in the life of a man." -Fashion Designer Pooja Motwani This event was glittered by actors and loving couple Tanaz Irani and Bakhtiar Irani as celebrity guests. Also present were Udit Raj Ex Mp, Naveen Todi, Kshitij Khattar, Meenakshi Dutt, Swati Mehrotra, Anca Verma, Joint Commisioner of Delhi Alok Kumar, ACP Anil Sharma, Amanpreet Irs Income Tax, Nirmal Randhawa, Kshitij Khattar, Rita Gangwani and Dinesh Pareek as a VVIP guests.

  • Chaiwala to CEO - An Inspiring journey of a Self Made Entrepreneur

    So what does it take to build a thriving business from the ground-up in an industry like Real Estate? In the words of Priyatham Kumar, Founder & CEO, Homes247, a leading real estate portal, it is sheer hard work. Mr. Priyatham’s, even after being a relatively new player, has established tie-ups for home financing with leading financial institutions like HDFC, SBI, and ICICI, to name a few. Today, the firm clocks over 10,000 visits per day on its website and have delivered homes to over 1700 homebuyers until now, and all this while being bootstrapped. Priyatham Kumar was born and brought up in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh. His parents had a tea stall where he helped with the daily work from an early age. But his parents knew the value of education. Soon after his education, Mr. Kumar felt that he had a knack for sales, and he started as an FMCG salesman, rising through the ranks to become team lead, city head, regional head, VP, etc., across companies in Banking, Insurance, and Real Estate sectors. Commenting on the inspiration behind starting Homes247, he said, “After I attained the designation of a VP, I had to face a very odd experience at my last company, that was against the principles I held dear to my core. I left it with a heavy heart. But it gave me the strength and inspired me to start which I believed must cover what my previous organizations lacked, and much more.” He further added, “Because when the old guard or the elite fail to expand and experiment, the ones who are creative and innovative will ascend to the throne, because ultimately it's the common man making the choice and they want innovations that make lives easier”. The rise of digital has diminished the lines between urban and rural, even education is quite affordable now due to viable digital mediums. But real estate is still stuck in the last decade. on this note is now looking to expand into different business verticals and states across India." According to Mr. Priyatham, determination and understanding, the customer is the key to building a successful career or a business. Teamwork, he added, “Is overlooked by many startups that failed, but is the key ingredient to building a successful business.” When asked what message he has for budding entrepreneurs or people who face many challenges, he said “Don’t shy away from challenges, embrace them and grow. Behind every challenge, there is an opportunity. If you seek it out, it will lead to success.”

  • ‘Waqt Te Pyar’ by Rythm Mansa - A song based on reality of life -

    SpotlampE, the go to music platform for independent artists, by 9X Media, has launched a new Punjabi track titled ‘Waqt Te Pyar’ by Rythm Mansa. Filled with swag and sensational-tune, ‘Waqt Te Pyar’ is all set to sway the Indie Music Charts!!! Launching on 10th March ‘Waqt Te Pyar’ will be available on SpotlampE and the song will also be aired on 9X Tashan. ‘Waqt Te Pyar’ is written & sung by Rythm Mansa and directed by Sunny Thind & Uday Sandhu. Rythm Mansa started as a rapper in 2010 and later ventured into music production and singing. Later on, he started writing and producing in all genres. Currently this multi-talented singer is producing, singing and writing his own songs. Rythm is all set to touch a chord in the hearts of the people with ‘Waqt Te Pyar’ Speaking about ‘Waqt Te Pyar’ singer Rythm Mansa said “This song is quite close to my heart as it expresses my struggles and hardships. In everyone's life there comes a time when the person thinks that everything bad in the universe always happens with me. The phase when life starts showing its true and dark colours! That’s when I wrote this song expressing my everyday struggle and hardship of life. It is not just a song but an expression that I wish to share with my fans and music listeners. I hope ‘Waqt Te Pyar’ will receive loads of ‘Pyar’ from the listeners.” Commenting on the launch of ‘Waqt Te Pyar’, Punit Pandey, Chief Business Officer, 9X Media said, “Punjab has become home to India’s non-film music industry. Some of the hit original songs come from Punjab and also make their way into Bollywood films. In the recent past, SpotlampE has released many Punjabi tracks which received a great response from the audience. We are delighted to partner with Rythm Mansa and present this rhythmic new song ‘Waqt Te Pyar’. The Song will definitely resonate with the music listeners.” ‘Waqt Te Pyar’ will be promoted across 9X Media Network and its social media handles. The track will also be available across all Audio & Video streaming platforms & on YouTube. Catch the song ‘Waqt Te Pyar’ by Rythm Mansa on –

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