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    Ruchi Mehta, founder of SR Dance Studio. Pune, Maharashtra Is coming up with a unique Bollywood Retro Dance online on Facebook competition in April. Just to bring out the olden and golden times of the 70s,80s,90s. Any age group can register. Singles/Doubles. Ruchi Mehta (founder of SR Dance Studio) and Jiya Jagwani (core member of SR Dance Studio) Are passionate dancers and they run Online Bollywood Dance sessions, all over the globe for all age groups. Besides, they also have performed in multiple dance shows in the U.S.A and within India as well. So, the main motto is to develop children's Dancing Skills while having fun with peers in a safe environment. Both of them were excited while sharing about this upcoming competition "We provide step by step instructions/lessons. We teach Bollywood Free Style Dance, Bollyhop, Zumba, Shuffle Dance, Semi-classical and all forms of cultural & folk dances and much more. We have already got 25+ registrations. Special thanks to our Supporting partner Mrs Neeta Razdan Kaul (NRK) and our jury members Mrs Trupti Kati Founder of LOC (LADIES ONLINE CLUB), Mrs Sejal Ray Founder of TZP (TAARE ZAMEEN PAR). We also have our gifting partners- Chitra Mansharamani (Owner of Megh Bhumi ) NGO, Monika Khera (Owner of Veerji's Kitchen), Trupti Kati (Owner of K2 Creations), Trupti Jadhav( Owner of Trupti's Art Corner), Surbhi Thakkar (Owner of Khaoji's Kitchen) Also our Official Anchor - Nirup Kumar Satpathy. Hence, we would like to see you all register ". for more details, don't forget to connect Ruchi on +91 98208 14219

  • Veteran entrepreneur Dr Sanjay Gupta receives Honorary Doctorate degree from OIUCM Colombo

    Every great idea begins with a dream but if we have within us the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world, we can easily accomplish any task at hand. An inspiring figure of success amidst adversities, Dr Sanjay Gupta, Chairman, Ramagya Group has been awarded a doctorate by the Open International University for complementary medicines – Colombo (OIUCM-Colombo, Sri Lanka) for his exceptional contribution to the education sector and his service to the mankind. The degree was bestowed on Dr Sanjay Gupta at a conferment ceremony held at Kualalumpur in Malaysia. With the potential to excel and the desire to succeed, Dr Sanjay Gupta has accomplished various feats and won prestigious awards and recognitions from renowned institutes of the country. For his extraordinary contribution to education, he has also been conferred the Asia Pacific Achievers Award by Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Shri Yogi Adityanath. Accepting the honorary doctorate in the presence of who’s who of the world of education, Dr Sanjay Gupta, Chairman, Ramagya Group said, “I am honoured to have been awarded this doctorate. I would like to express my great appreciation for this recognition of our efforts towards transforming the country’s education system on an international platform. In a way, it has added to my responsibilities of continuing to live by example while taking Ramagya Group of Schools to the next level of excellence.” Ramagya School affiliated with CBSE & CIE boards is located in the heart of Noida, Sector 50 within a sprawling campus area of more than 3 acres. The school’s enviable scholastic and co-scholastic attainments are attributed to an eclectic mix of faculty having more than 15 years of teaching experience. As part of the management policies, teachers of Ramagya School Noida are regularly attending international and national seminars and conferences thus broadening their horizons of academic excellence both at national as well as international platforms. Ramagya School, Noida is one of the trendsetter schools in India due to its contemporary teaching pedagogies which incorporate best practices of Maria Montessori, Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligence, Montessori Learning Corridors, Reflective Corners, Word Wall, Open Doors and the school’s own customised ‘Flexi learn technology’ at the secondary and senior secondary level. The curriculum followed at Ramagya boasts of its global lineage with wide-ranging core subjects, students and teachers exchange programme for global exposure and an ideal student-teacher ratio of 25:1. For a greater balance of mind-body-soul, Ramagya School has devised education as a way of life for the students under its roof. Programmes like ‘Know your Brain’ and ‘Baal Saathee’ help in promoting physical, emotional and psychological wellness of the students and boost their confidence to achieve greater heights. Also, programmes like ‘Geeta Saar’ and ‘Stories of Panchtantra’ help the students by imparting wisdom and knowledge of ancient scriptures engagingly and interestingly to enhance their life skills and prepare them for leadership roles. The school has also incorporated Transcendental Meditation as a ‘Quiet Time Programme’ for children and teachers which helps in minimizing anxiety, managing stress and also improve brain functioning thus making teaching and learning a simple and enjoyable activity. In sports education, the Ramagyans have special access to Noida’s top sports academy (Ramagya Sports Academy) that offers world-class training in 35+ sports, in association with Indian sports legends like MS Dhoni, Yuvraj Singh, and Bhaichung Bhutia. Ramagya School has also joined hands with globally acclaimed and famed universities and organizations such as UCLA, Cambridge University, British Council and Goethe Institute, Germany, which share the common goal of enhancing student learning. The collaborations have been made with a commitment to enrich educational experiences for the students. For these reasons, Ramagya School, Noida has been voted as one of the top 5 senior secondary schools in Delhi- NCR and is also listed amongst the 30 great Indian Schools.

  • Transforming Pre-Engineered buildings, APL Apollo unveils Apollo Column

    Bringing in a paradigm shift towards high performance materials in structural engineering, APL Apollo Tubes Limited (APL Apollo), one of the leading branded steel tubes manufacturers, has unveiled Apollo Column, a range of black hollow steel sections (HSS) that gives a futuristic edge to construct structures of any design and elevation. A game-changer in construction, Apollo Column encompasses India’s largest range of square hollow steel sections ranging from 150X150mm to 300x300mm in size. It also offers flexibility in sizes, design, uniform strength and much higher torsional strength. Considered as the heart of Pre-Engineered Building (PEB), Apollo Column is the perfect choice for every construction due to its high weight-bearing capacity and enhanced construction speed. “As the engineers and architects have become more aware about the use of HSS in construction, they have gained considerable significance in construction of Pre-Engineered buildings. Particularly Apollo Columns are very efficient sections and their major benefits are Availability of widest range of section sizes in higher grades inherent with perfect engineering properties. Apollo Column range has emerged as an irreplaceable member of structural buildings due to its high load bearing capacity and strength-to weight ratio.”-Mr. Sanjay Gupta, CMD, APL Apollo Apollo Columns are best suitable building materials for residential, commercial as well as infrastructure projects. Superior quality, sturdiness, and ease of bending, punching and drilling altogether give Apollo Column a distinct competitive edge. Widely used in industrial building, warehouses, multi-storey buildings, commercial centres, foot overbridges, fuel stations and parking shelters in a big way. Moreover, the use of the Apollo Column significantly reduces the overall project cost as the use of HSS sections against built-up sections brings a significant reduction in weight which reduces the cost of transportation and erection. Even the hollow sections have 30-40% less surface area which saves on the cost of paint as well. Consequently, the use of the Apollo Column has the potential to reduce both material costs and project cost. high-performance

  • Tekie - India’s First Animated Coding Startup, Emerges as a Major Contender to WhiteHat Jr

    For a society that has grown rapidly since the Internet boom, Coding is definitely a must-have skill. As per National Education Policy 2020, students will be taught coding from Class 6 onwards. This will give children an early start, with valuable skills that are useful even if they don’t opt for a computer science-related field. A startup based out of Bengaluru, named Tekie, has taken a unique approach to this. While many coding classes focus on simple block-based tasks, Tekie has built an interactive - animated educational series. Along with this, many activities teach them about real-world concepts and abstract sci-fi problems, with easy to consume lessons for kids in class 6th to 12th. Tekie was founded in 2017 by Anand Verma and Naman Mukund. Commenting on the inspiration behind Tekie, Naman stated, “With Tekie, we aim to deliver a hands-on programming experience to our students. After some quick lessons, our students build basic algorithms like programming an elevator, a calculator, guessing a number, etc.” Tekie has been an instant hit among schools as the National Education Policy complements text-based coding, unlike its contenders. The team at Tekie invested 3 years in product development & research and launched the beta version in July 2020. Since then, Tekie has grown to over 10,000 paid users and continues to expand at an unprecedented pace. A typical class of Tekie starts with a student watching an animated interactive video. Animated characters across the video introduce kids to the concept of programming - like how kids follow a set of rules to get ready for school, a computer also follows a sequence of commands to perform any task. And to communicate with the computer, programming languages are used. After the video, a chat window appears to help kids discuss their lessons. While Tekie has pioneered “coding for kids” with animated interactive videos, a teacher is there to walk the student through the lesson and make sure that the concept is understood by the child. With Tekie’s unprecedented success, several competitors have tried to hack their business model. In October 2020, a WhiteHat Jr. employee allegedly impersonated a grade six student’s persona to attend Tekie’s trial class. But unlike its competitors, Tekie doesn’t promise students that will be able to build an app within a week - that according to its founders, is a plain marketing gimmick. According to Naman, “Coding helps students excel across various verticals, and it is not just limited to computer science-based verticals. All we’re saying is coding will help a child build skills for the future, to excel in their career.”

  • PinkAprons: Spreading Festive Joys with an online cooking competition

    India is a versatile nation with several cultures, festivals, and traditional dishes. Holi, one of the most fun-filled festivals is just around the corner and we Indians do not lag when it comes to Holi celebrations. To provide the true essence of Holi with a twist and a nostalgic cooking experience like never before, PinkAprons invites you all to invent your recipe in a cooking competition “Foodvention”. The 10 days online contest scheduled from 18 March to 27 March will help to document your culinary expertise and take it to a wider audience with innovative recipes. This is how it will work: Step 1: Get registered for this unique contest by paying Rs 159 at PinkAprons’ Facebook Event page Step 2: Prepare a tri-colour dish using any 3 ingredients from these: Pineapple/Grapes/Cheese/Semolina/Chocolate/Caramel Step 3: Via pics or video, show how you made the dish, your kitchen set-up and why you made this dish Step 4: Share the dish on Facebook and Instagram using hashtag #HoliKaSwadPinkApronsKeSaath and #PinkApronsIndia. On Instagram, tagging @PinkApronsIndia is mandatory. This is a fun and engaging cook-off contest, whose aim is to discover new culinary talents and to introduce and promote the HomeChefs, and inspire them to launch their respective careers. There will be one grand winner, and two runners-up, who will get Certificates, Rs 5100 cash prizes and Gift hampers. The prizes are sponsored by “GauEcoGram - Agrovikas Producer Company”; FoodGinie - Ghar se door. Ghar ka khana!!” & “Sana's Herbs and Nature”. So, light up the festive spirit as well as soak in the holiday season with the most heartfelt cooking contest by PinkAprons. Registration Link: About PinkAprons: In the Pic: Aditi Agarwaal- Founder and Managing Director PinkAprons amends on connecting modern India back to its roots through home-cooked food. Especially people who are away from home. The brand wishes to provide the best quality food to the customers with the timely food delivery and also actively working on developing women entrepreneurship through PinkAprons for home chefs so that their scrumptious food reaches the masses. PinkAprons is a Platform (By Women for Women) where we work with Home Chefs to build their own online food business while customers get what they need, quality and safe food. For further details please contact, Garima Singh Brand Footprints M No. +91 8095901464 Email:

  • Looking to enhance Corporate Security? Here is the solution you must implement - ZServiceDesk IT GRC

    No matter the kind of business your organization is into, Digital security in today’s environment should be the highest priority to avoid any kind of loss such as financial, reputational etc. Do you know how secure your organization is when it comes to digital security? Are you aware which all steps to be taken to get protected? Do you want to have overall control of the security posture of your organization? It is no more complicated and can be done without having any kind of specialized training or high-level information security courses. Here is the solution from ZServiceDesk to establish the overall governance for security risks and many other important parameters, and can get started in almost no time. Have a look at the below features about how ZServiceDesk can ensure the best protection ever. Manage your Risks Unless you aren’t aware of or managing risk properly, you can’t assume how much potential loss could be if something goes wrong. For any corporate, it is a tedious task to manage the complete lifecycle of Risk. Under this feature, once you identify a specific risk, you can categorize, prioritize, assign an owner and keep track of all risk related parameters. You can define the impact of risk and what steps to be taken to reduce the risk with a complete plan of action. You can create tasks and assign them to someone and create all controls to be deployed to reduce the risk. Management stakeholders can view a single dashboard of risks and define the next course of action to be executed. Enforce Security Policies At the operational levels, if employees are not taking sufficient measures or they aren’t aware of what to do or not to do so, they could open a gate for cybercriminals and finally it is the organization, who incur the actual losses. Hence the best way to protect at an operational level is to define certain rules and enforce them at the organizational level. ZServiceDesk Policy Management can help your organization to create security policies and circulate them to all employees within the organization. You can manage all the policy parameters such as Policy Status, who has created, who has approved, Policy Owner, Viewers Group, Send Policies, Discard Policies etc. Audit & Compliances If your organization is bound to comply with certain compliances such as ISO27001, PCI-DSS etc. or if you are facing regular internal or external audits to meet the compliances, laws and regulations, ZServiceDesk’s this module to going to ease everything related to audits and compliances. All key compliance clauses are available so that you align the same with your requirement and track the completion status or score of compliances and define all actions to be taken to ensure timely compliances and avoid any kind of penalty. Further, you can create Audit activities and record all important information, assign tasks, audit plans, sample or actual audit data, challenges, schedule, documentation etc. Other Features There are many other features available such as security documents repository, Initiate security-related communication to all the users etc. You can also manage the vendors related information and ask them, which all security measures they follow and how they are ensuring the protection when in agreement with your organization. Finally, Intelligent Dashboards and Custom reports are going to give actionable intelligence to the management and help them to take the decisions accordingly.

  • Daljeet and Rajeev held on gunpoint as their bank becomes a target of a money heist

    Sony SAB's light-hearted show Tera Yaar Hoon Main has kept the audience hooked to the show with its appealing and light-heated storyline. However, the show will soon witness a thrilling sequence as the bank where Rajeev (SSudeep Sahir) and Daljeet (SSayantani Ghosh) work becomes a target of a heist. Rajeev and Daljeet are a bit tense as there is a huge amount of cash deposited at the bank, and the matters become more intense when a group of robbers enter the bank to seize it. While Daljeet is in her cabin busy working, she has no idea that the robbers are looking out for her and Rajeev. Things further get intriguing as Rajeev claims to be the Bank Manager to protect Daljeet, and eventually ending up at gunpoint as the robbers embark on their mission. Rajeev’s attempts at saving Daljeet go in vain as the robber informs him that they have come well researched and asks him to direct him to the ‘real’ manager. The robber holds Rajeev and Daljeet at gunpoint and asks them to open the vault? How will Daljeet and Rajeev save themselves from this situation? Ssudeep Sahir, essaying the role of Rajeev said, "The viewers will get to see the protective side of Rajeev and as the story moves forward, things are about to get more exciting. Daljeet and Rajeev are in a life and death situation. While they want to save the bank, they also have to think about saving themselves. However, with the robbers taking everyone as hostages, it will be interesting to watch how Rajeev and Daljeet will deal with this situation and save everyone. It was exciting to shoot this sequence as you can feel the same amount of emotions as the character in such situations. I am sure our viewers will love what is about the come next." Ssayantani Ghosh, essaying the role of Daljeet said, "This has been one of the thrilling weeks on the show. Rajeev and Daljeet have turned hostage in the middle of a money heist. The entire onus of saving the bank and the people inside the bank is upon them. It will be interesting to watch how they both come together to find a solution to this. Interestingly, while shooting, even if a fake gun is pointed at you, your heart automatically beats faster. It was an interesting experience for me. It will be interesting for the viewers to watch whether they succeed in their motives or Daljeet and Rajeev can save themselves and the bank.” Watch Tera Yaar Hoon Main every Monday to Friday at 9:30 PM only on Sony SAB

  • Formica India appoints Mr. Ajay Khurana as Managing Director

    The Board of Directors of Formica India Laminates Pvt Ltd (Formica India) has announced the appointment of Mr Ajay Khurana as its Managing Director w.e.f. March 15, 2021. A mechanical engineer from YMCA Institute of Engineering, Faridabad and an MBA in Marketing from IGNOU-Delhi, Mr Khurana brings a wealth of experience to this critically important position where he will lead the India business for Formica India. A seasoned business leader with more than three decades of experience in furniture solutions, building material, automotive and industrial products with proven success in cultivating and leading MNC organisations, Mr Khurana was previously the Country Head & Chairman, South Asia at REHAU. With a proven track record of scaling up the operations, he was leading all the business divisions at REHAU and rebooted its operations to make it profitable and established a leadership position for its core business in India. Mr Khurana’s appointment as Managing Director of Formica India is part of a broader initiative by the company to focus on growth in both the commercial and residential markets and increase awareness about all its brands among architects, designers, distributors and key customers. His diverse experience in Sales & Marketing will be an asset to managing the India business of Formica India and expanding its position in the market. With his expertise and knowledge, he will be able to provide a more seamless approach to product placement and brand strategy for both the premium and global range of products of Formica India. This will also help the company fine-tune its sales and marketing approach to reach specific target markets. In the initial days, Mr Khurana will spend some time in the India market to visit the company’s customers, channel partners, architect and designers as part of induction to the Formica India team. Moreover, he would look forward to an opportunity to meet all these stakeholders of Formica India to understand more about them and to know how they can align and work together to sustain and grow its market position and meet the overall objective of the company’s growth. About Formica India Laminates (Pvt) Ltd. For 100 years, the story of the Formica brand has been one of discovery and innovation. Formica is an iconic brand inextricably linked to the invention of the original High-Pressure Laminate (HPL) has gained a strong and steady presence in India. The company has its headquarters in Delhi and runs a hi-tech manufacturing plant in Kalol, Ahmedabad. The plant meets global manufacturing excellence owing to a brilliant nationwide distribution system along with a team of dedicated partners and team force. Having developed unrivalled expertise that ensures quality products, Formica has challenged market norms and set global benchmarks since its inception. Working relentlessly with architects, interior developers and designers, Formica is known for ushering in innovation to strengthen its product base. With the birth and growth of new India, interiors in residential and commercial spaces have seen a revolution. India is paving the way towards smart and luxury living. In a market that aims to merge international standards with an indigenous way of life, Formica which is an inventor of Laminate is the foremost option for any build. All Formica products are a natural extension of the premium international market which reflects Formica’s unparalleled commitment to India.

  • Roarrr Media Founder gets recognized in The Indian Achiever’s Club’s 40 under 40

    Sonali Ramaiya, a Mumbai based publicist and the founder of Roarrr Media & Public Relations gets acknowledged amongst the selected group of hard-working and talented individuals to have made it in The Indian Achiever’s Club’s 40 Under 40 list. A PR and communications professional with 11 years of experience, Sonali has been getting brands in the limelight through the company, Roarrr Media founded in 2014. The 40 under 40 Indian Achievers award is an initiative to appreciate the achievers in society who have sailed through numerous social biases and have today established themselves in their respective fields. “As a PR professional, I have always worked backstage towards getting brands recognized for their achievements. It feels extremely proud to be achieving this recognition from the prestigious Indian Achievers Club, and also participating in their initiative for tree plantation. This motivates me to keep growing as an entrepreneur and also an eco-conscious individual and work towards the cause”, says an elated Sonali. Incepted in 2014, Roarrr Media & Public Relations is a result-oriented agency that offers services like public relations, influencer marketing, social media management, digital marketing, Image & Reputation Management and Event Publicity. In its 7 years of operation, the agency has provided public relations services to more than 200 clients belonging to the corporate and SME world and from a variety of industries like manufacturing, lifestyle, real estate, healthcare, music, hospitality, education, logistics, food & beverage, art and more. Roarrr Media envisages offering 360-degree marketing solutions to brand in the near future.

  • INSPIRE CO-WORKING SPACES Adopts To Self Governing Technology

    The demand for coworking spaces increases exponentially due to its flexible culture and adaptability to a highly differentiating professional class. With the introduction of Artificial Intelligence and Technology upgradation, they provide businesses with innovative facilities. Inspire co spaces enriches its working environments by enabling the latest technology in their workspace. This tech-enabled coworking space is in high demand, with the human first approach. Technology is a valuable feature, along with office space and infrastructure. Amit Sathe, Founder, and Director of Inspire Co spaces, say," There is a global shift in the working style. People are becoming more tech savy and expect the same from their office space. Installation of advance and updated technology gives a competitive edge to the coworking space. Some of the basic facilities like Access cards, booking systems, attendance systems, automated invoices, time trackers, etc., have all become so updated that all human interference and hassle are relinquished." "Automation can optimize coworking spaces. Some of the must-have technologies and tools in coworking spaces are uninterrupted power supply, seamless and secure internet connectivity, work management tools, digital payment systems, and many more. The vital attribute to maintain a space in today's digitized climate is uninterrupted wireless connectivity", - Mr Nisshith Agarrwal, Founder and Director of Inspire Co Spaces Technology is the backbone of any coworking space, as it is the topmost requirement of every member. It enables technological devices and services to work in the best possible manner. The most vital feature of up-to-date technology for community members is to collaborate and connect with others. Inspire Co space is one of the fastest-growing and ever-evolving co-spaces. Equipped with all business essentials, they are one of the most convenient and cost-effective coworking spaces, which can accommodate Freelancers to big MNC. It is one of the most preferred workspaces incorporating various seating arrangements and technological advancements to cater to every working individual's need.

  • Super Plastronics Pvt Ltd announces an investment of Rs 300 crores in R&D to focus on IoT

    Super Plastronics Pvt Ltd, an exclusive brand licensee for Kodak HD LED TVs in India, today announced an investment of INR 300 crores to strengthen its capabilities in IoT technologies. Phased over 3 years, the investment will focus on building intelligent TVs that are intuitive and meet the demands of the “new Indian customer”. The “new Indian customer” has evolved during the COVID19 experience and the definition of TV has changed. It is estimated that by end of 2023 there will be more than 1 million smart homes devices in the Indian market. The investment will help Kodak HD LED TVs to disrupt the market by becoming a one-stop platform for work-from-home needs for the new customer. Equipped with large screens, Kodak Android TVs will now also connect all the smart home devices in the house. To suit their needs, Kodak HD LED TVs is developing a mobile application which would integrate the TV and appliances, just by voice command one could now book a service call, increase or decrease the temperature of your AC, adjusting the lighting according to tv mode (movie, sports, news). Mr Avneet Singh Marwah, Director and CEO of Super Plastronics Pvt Ltd, shared “We are committed to the Atmanirbhar Bharat initiative, and Kodak TV will have first-mover advantage, not only for the domestic market but also to compete globally. Kodak TV is offering aggressive pricing at better technology and expanding its infrastructure in India. In 2021, Kodak TV will have 1000 service centres in India and will be available in more than 70,000 counters across the country.” Kodak HD LED TV also announced a product line-up of 10 new models in 2021, after back-to-back successful launches of CA and 7XPRO series in 2020. The Investment will bring the best of technology and experience to the customer, including voice commands in 7regional languages with google assistant and hand free experience. To this, Mr Marwah added, “In 2020, we focused on expanding our manufacturing capacity and market presence with an investment of Rs 500 crores. Now, we will be expanding our IoT investment so we can continue to give competition to phones brands that are entering into the TV category. With the new pipeline, we are confident that we can capture more than 10% of market share by end of 2021.” The announcements come in line with Kodak HD LED TVs and Flipkart’s partnership for The Electronics Sale (March 16-20, 2021). The brand has announced exciting offers on the HDX series as well as on the recently launched bezel-less CA and 7XPRO series, starting at Rs 7,999. Kodak tv Powered by Android 10 HDR 10+: This television’s HDR10+, along with the Dolby Digital Plus sound, will leave you spellbound with a delightful visual treat featuring great colour, contrast, brightness, and stellar sound. MEMC Technology: The Motion Estimation, Motion Compensation (MEMC) technology will make even the fast-moving visuals appear seamless by minimizing lag Bezel-less Design: This television, with its elegant and stylish bezel-less design, will blend well with your living room’s aesthetics. Dolby Digital Plus and DTS TruSurround Sound: With features such as the Dolby Digital Plus and the DTS TruSurround sound in place, this TV will be nothing short of a visual and aural spectacle. Connectivity Options: It comes with multiple ports including USB 2.0, HDMI ARC/CEC, and Bluetooth (v5.0) Performance: Enjoy an enthralling visual experience with great performance, as this TV comes with a quad-core CPU, Mali quad-core GPU, and a clock speed of 1 GHz. Ergonomically Designed Remote: Accessing entertainment is now right at your fingertips. This TV’s ergonomically designed remote features dedicated hotkeys for your preferred apps (Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, and Google Play Store). You can even use your voice to navigate through, as the remote is equipped with Google Assistant. Content: We have 5000+ Apps & Games and 500,000 movies and TV episodes. Enjoy favourites from YouTube, Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar, Sony Liv, MX player, Zee5 and others Google Assistant: You can access Google Assistant via this TV’s remote. You can use voice commands to navigate and search for the content of your choice. To activate this feature, you have to press the Google Assistant button on the remote. Chrome-Cast: Now socialize, watch the world over the internet, connect with your loved ones, all through the Android TV with 1000+ apps supported Remote: Accessing entertainment is now right at your fingertips. This TV’s ergonomically designed remote features dedicated hotkeys for your preferred apps (Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, and Google Play Store). You can even use your voice to navigate through, as the remote is equipped with Google Assistant. Available offers on Flipkart Electronics Sale: Brand Model Price Kodak 24HDX100S 7999 Kodak 32HDX900s 11999 Kodak 32HDX7XPRO 13499 Kodak 40FHDX7XPRO 18499 Kodak 42FHDX7XPRO 19999 Kodak 43FHDX7XPRO 22499 Kodak 43UHDX7XPRO 24499 Kodak 43CA2022 27999 Kodak 50UHDX7XPRO 29499 Kodak 50CA7077 32499 Kodak 55UHDX7XPRO 34999 Kodak 55CA0909 37499 Kodak 65CA0101 53499 About SPPL: SPPL is a manufacturing concern established in 1990 with its Head Office in Noida. Its initial business was plastic injection moulding which then graduated to the manufacturing of CRT TV’s and LED TVs on the date. We were one of the largest manufacturers of CRT TV cabinets in the 90’s and early 00’s. Today we are one of India’s foremost OEM’s in CRT and LED Television. We have 3 manufacturing plants in India located in Noida, Una and Jammu. We have an employee strength of over 1000 across India and are expanding as we grow. For additional information on Kodak TV India, visit us at www., follow us on Twitter @ kodaktvindia, or like us on Facebook at Kodak TV India.

  • Join Ishaan and Ananya for their full-on entertainment ride with &pictures Premier of Khaali Peeli

    Khaali Peeli will air on &pictures on 19th March at 8 pm. Get ready for an unpredictable and thrilling ride as & pictures premiere8 pm the Ishaan Khatter (Blackie) and Ananya Pandey (Pooja) starrer Khaali Peeli on 19th March at 8 pm. This movie is a perfect watch for all those who choose to hustle every day and follow their heart. It’s a total package of entertainment, comedy, action and thrill that you just can’t miss. Khaali Peelishifts gears between comedy, drama and action with ease and promise thrill and to keep you hooked. It’s a perfect Bollywood flick told through the eyes of two young street-smart Mumbaikars, who are always on the run, driven by their dreams and free spirit. The movie effortlessly brings back the awesomeness of 80s-90s Bollywood masala thrill and merges it with the adventures of Blackie and Pooja. Their characters have a lot in common with the youth, who always want more from life. The movie also recreates the true sights, sounds and charm of Mumbai. Khaali Peeli is a fast-paced film with sharp turns and spectacular reveals. The ‘fun on the run begins when Jackie, a taxi driver, crosses paths with Pooja. Inki Full On Raftaar Machayegi Dhamaal Don’t miss the &pictures premiere of Khaali Peeli on 19th March, Friday at 8 pm promise thrill.

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