THUNDERBOLTS 17TH EPISODE delivered value With "VAK – Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic” lessons

POSITIVE THOUGHTS CONSULTING & TRAINING SOLUTIONS presented its 17th Episode of THUNDERBOLTS, on 14th November 2021 @6:00 PM IST through ZOOM as well as showcased on “FACEBOOK LIVE” on the official page of “POSITIVE THOUGHTS”.

Members joined from different parts of the world to witness this Blockbuster Training Session.

Positive Thoughts Family is a Global community from PAN India and almost 45 different countries, on a mission to learn, connect, share, and bridge the gap between Brands/Organizations/Nations and will work on the Mission of Empowerment for” STRESS-FREE EDUCATION & LIFE.”

This Elite Executive community is for all the like-minded Positive People from all across the globe who want to share, Inspire, and help each other grow their successes together by empowering one another.

For the Seventeenth Episode of THUNDERBOLTS, Ms Yvonne Dalorto from Spain was invited to speak on the vital topic “Dyslexia, SEN & Emerging Special Needs in the post Pandemic Classroom”.

The Trainer, Ms Yvonne Dalorto is an International Educator, Professional Jolly Phonics Trainer, Content Writer, Curriculum Developer & Author of the McMillan Early Years Path (M.E.L.P.), Runner-up for the British Council ‘EITons’ Award. She is also the International Advisor of Positive Thoughts from Spain. She has extensive experience in contributing to the growth of students in India as well as Globally.

The show was hosted by Ms Christine D’Costa. She is an International Teacher Trainer, Curriculum Developer, Soft Skills Trainer, TESOL & Voice and Accent Trainer, Founder – Morning Star Pre-Primary School & CESA Academy. She is also the Public Relations Manager of Positive Thoughts. She began the session by wishing everyone a Happy Children’s Day and took the audience to childhood days by singing ‘Have You Got a Sunshine Smile?’. She highlighted the awards, accolades, partnerships and the work being executed by Positive Thoughts to bring change to the world. Moving ahead, She introduced Dr Gaurav Sharma, the Founder & CEO of Positive Thoughts & Co-Founder – 28 Credentials of Entrepreneurs, Malaysia. She added how he is spreading positivity and building a community of like-minded people filled with motivation and satisfaction.

She enthusiastically introduced the Trainer of the eve, Ms Yvonne Dalorto and began with praising her work. She added that ‘Progress isn’t always measured on paper’. The only special need for everyone is to be loved and accepted just the way we are.

Ms Yvonne Dalorto start