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Thrilling Triumphs and Turbulent Terrains: eBAJA SAEIndia 24 Unveils the Grit of Electric Buggy Engineers

In an electrifying showdown of engineering prowess, the endurance test of 47 electric buggies took center stage at the nationwide competition, eBAJA SAEIndia 24, held near BVRIT Narsapur in the city outskirts. The competition, categorized under eBAJA, not only tested the mettle of young engineering minds but also aimed to provide an invaluable out-of-classroom learning experience, molding participants into industry-ready engineers.

Grand Unveiling and Flag-off Spectacle

As the 47 selected buggies eagerly awaited their trial, Sri K V Vishnu Raju, Chairman of Sri Vishnu Educational Society (SVES); Aditya Vissam, Secretary of SVES; Sanjay Nibandhe, Chairman of the Organizing Committee for BAJA SAEINDIA 2024; and Dr. Vohra, Distinguished Visiting Professor of AICTE and INAE, flagged off the event. The symbolic release of balloons marked the commencement of the riveting race.

Challenges in Every Bump and Pit

The buggies underwent meticulous inspection by the technical inspection team before embarking on a grueling journey through a tough terrain laden with big pits, ditches, marshy ground, rubble, water, and various obstructions. Struggling vehicles were uplifted with tractor support, providing students with hands-on practical experience as they repaired and revived their buggies, showcasing resilience and problem-solving skills.

Telangana's Debut as the Host State

BVRIT, Narsapur, and Sri Vishnu Institute of Technology for Girls from Bhimavaram emerged as the two outstanding teams qualifying from the 47 participants. This marked the first time the competition graced Telangana and Southern India, thanks to the efforts of BVRIT. Hosted by SAE India, the competition witnessed 71 teams from various colleges across India, with 58 teams clearing technical inspection and 47 advancing to the 2.2 km, four-hour-long endurance test on Sunday.

Crowning Achievements and Awards Ceremony

The DY Patil College of Engineering, Akurdi; Pimpri Chinchwad College of Engineering, Pune; and Sri Vishnu Institute of Engineering, Bhimavaram, clinched the first, second, and third prizes, respectively, in the 4-hour endurance competition. A special awards presentation ceremony, graced by Mr. Gopalakrishnan VC, Director of the Automotive and EV sector, emphasized the celebration of engineering talent.

Telangana's E-Mobility Revolution

Addressing the audience, Mr. Gopalakrishnan VC highlighted Telangana's pioneering role in the E-Mobility sector, showcasing the state's E Mobility Policy announced in 2018. With 75% of its targets already achieved, the state's commitment to E-Mobility was underscored by the announcement of Telangana Mobility Valley (TMV), aiming at Rs 50,000 crore investments in e-mobility. The establishment of TMV, with a focus on skilling, positions Telangana as a hub for manufacturing and Engineering Research and Development in India.

Supporting Future Innovations and Core Engineering Streams

Expressing support for future events, Mr. Gopalakrishnan VC proposed potential collaboration between the Government of Telangana and eBAJA SAEINDIA. Sri K V Vishnu Raju emphasized the significance of core engineering streams, asserting their timeless relevance and the institution's commitment to nurturing diverse disciplines.

A Celebration of Engineering Talent

The event's guest of honor, Sumantra B Barooah, Executive Editor of ET Auto, praised BVRIT's dedication to core engineering branches and emphasized their enduring importance. The ceremony concluded with the declaration of Sri Vishnu Institute of Technology, Bhimavaram, as the Pride of Telugu.

Culminating in Career Opportunities

The six-day eBAJA SAEIndia 24 will culminate with an HR Meet, serving as a job fair where prominent automobile companies will scout for the best talent. The event's success is underscored by the substantial placements in previous years, showcasing the direct impact on students' career trajectories.

eBAJA: A Test of Engineering Excellence

eBAJA SAEIndia 24 stands as a testament to the collective brilliance of engineering students, testing their skills in designing, fabricating, and building all-terrain, off-road electric buggies. With 72 buggies initially built and 47 qualifying for the final endurance test after rigorous evaluation, the competition underscores the relentless pursuit of engineering excellence in the nation's educational institutions.


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