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The Super Human Within - Thoughts By Monica Swamy

We have grown up hearing superhero stories.

We have always wished in our time of challenges a superhero comes flying to rescue us from problems.

Never was it told that the superhuman of those stories was in every single human on this planet.

Never was it announced that this superhuman can be ignited and can be switched off at our own WILL.

We as a human race are seeing one of the most challenging times of our life and a lot of us have started feeling helpless and hopeless. A lot of us are getting into a comparison trap if not they; how we.

As a behavioural trainer time and again I have pressed the need for "Life Skills in the AI Era".

It's high time we no more search on our identity and find the reason for doing good deeds for our family and people in the vicinity. If not at a big level or with a big amount start checking on all of your family members, and friends for their needs of food, money or things we can supply in the smallest quantity.

Sometimes just a single meal, a single cup of tea, a patient attendant or a penny is all we can contribute but it's the world for people struggling to get it.

It's the time we switch on the superhuman within!

Take care of yourself and your family.

About An Author:

Monica obtained her B-Tech in Electronics & Communication in 2008 and thereafter started her career in Accenture as a Software Engineer in SAP. After working for few years in various technical roles of software-based solutions in Java & SAP, her aspirations for working closely with human resource directed her to complete her MBA degree in Human Resource Management. She is also a certified Global Career Counselor from the University of California and has completed her Post Graduation Diploma in Guidance & Counseling. As coaching, training and counselling have been her passion for a long she has completed her Transition coach certification and is an ICF certified Life & Career Transition Coach.


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