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The success story of Hotel Jay Malhar

They were five close friends and one thing was common to them, the love of non-vegetarian food which always kept them attached. One day a fantastic idea came to their mind to start a non-vegetarian special hotel and share their love and passion for non-veg food with other people too. They unanimously took a decision and started 'Hotel Jai Malhar' at DP road, Gadital, Hadapsar in 2016.

The hotel, which originated from the love of non-vegetarian food of five friends has become a favourite destination for many passionate non-veg eaters today. The 'Biryani Special' is the speciality of this hotel and is getting a huge response from the diners.

It has been always said that Marathi people never come together to start an enterprise or a business. To disprove this, the five friends Prateek Wage, Gaurav Shinde, Akshay Phalke, Amol Tate, Vishwajeet Tupe came together. As the passion for eating nonveg food is their common point of interest, they started thinking, What if we started our nonveg hotel? And they started 'Hotel Jay Malhar Restaurant' in Hadapsar at D.P road on... th (...) 2016.

Initially, the hotel Jai Malhar had a set up to accommodate up to only 60 people. However, the food taste, service, cleanliness of the hotel attracted the diners in a very short period. As a result, the number of customers of Hotel Jai Malhar eateries increased. Soon the tiny plant planted by the five friends in 2016, grew like a huge banyan tree. Today, the hotel Jay Malhar has a seating capacity of 400 and has employed about 100 workers. Hundreds of nonveg eaters visit every day and test the quality non-veg food served at hotel Jay Malhar.

For the hotel industry, two things are most important the test and the service offered to the customer. The taste of the food served at the hotel attracts the customers but the service offered to the customers, the cleanliness and the humility towards customers hold them forever. While running the hotel Jai Malhar Phalke and his friends emphasized serving testy food. Good service, cleanliness, courtesy were maintained along with providing excellent taste. That's why today Hotel Jay Malhar has become a favourite place for many diners.

This non-vegetarian speciality hotel Jay Malhar offers a mutton platter, chicken platter. However, the hotel specializes in tandoor, fish and biryani. Numerous eateries are crazy about 'Mutant Dum Biryani' and 'Chicken Dum Biryani' served at Hotel Jay Malhar Restaurant. With the spices made by Phalke and friends, their secret recipe and 'Gavaran Sajuk Ghee', the taste of the biryani served here is amazing. Today Hotel Jay Malhar is famous for its Biryani. The newspaper 'Pune Mirror' took notice of it and gave the 'Best Biryani award' to the Hotel Jay Malhar.

Pune is well known for its eaters from the time of Peshwa. Knowing the fact, the five friends decided to take the mouth-watering taste of Hotel Jay Malhar's biryani to as many 'Punekars' as possible. Therefore, shortly they want to dominate the minds of 'Chokhandal Punekars' by starting several branches of Hotel Jai Malhar in the whole of Pune City. These five friends, who were fond of nonveg food, are serving their favourite dishes to the customers. So there is no doubt that it will be always tasty.

If you are passionate in any field, you get success in that field. The journey of hotel Jay Malhar started from the love of eating nonveg food of the five friends, has got tremendous response from the nonveg food lovers. The Best Biryani award' of Pune Mirror is the 'crown of honour' for Hotel Jay Malhar. Phalke and friends want to develop a network of the franchisee of hotel Jay Malhar. The day is not long when the achievements of hotel Jay Malhar will be written in the golden letters in the history of Pune's nonveg restaurants. Phalke and friends set an example that, friendship is not only fruitful but it is also testy like the Biryani of Hotel Jay Malhar.

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