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Tarunya Vairagade - A journey beyond Content

First and foremost, I would like to thank the team of "stayfeatured" and SMMH whole-heartedly. One lesson that I have learned in life is that you need inspiration from various sources to keep moving ahead. And, it would certainly be great my story could inspire someone.

To introduce myself, I am Tarunya Vairagade & I hail from the city of Nagpur. To be utterly honest, initially I wanted to be a popular influencer for the name and fame it brings. However, with time, I understood that it's much more that that. Being an influencer is a responsibility you carry on your shoulders.

I ventured into social media in the year 2018 starting with Facebook & gradually proceeded to Instagram and YouTube. I grew immense popularity on Instagram and reached 87k followers in a short span. However, with great success, you tend to receive great obstacles too. What I received was much more than a mere obstacle. It was something which was going to make me feel dejected and depressed for a long time. For reasons still unclear, my Instagram account was disabled. It was one of the toughest phases in my life and luckily I had the support of both my parents; Mr. Vasudeo Vairagade and Mrs. Jayshree Vairagade. My brother Sanket also stood besides me like a pillar of strength. I decided to start afresh once again and gradually I started to grow once more. My first collaboration was with the popular potato chips brand Lays and I kept getting one collaboration after another. By now, I have collaborated with a lot of leading brands such as Bank of Baroda, Alt Balaji, L.G, McCaffeine, Vi, Samsung, Jio India, Khadims, Cadbury, Bingo and much more. I could also support myself financially by this time.

One tip I would like to give budding influencers is to always believe in their strengths and focus on it. Also, I would suggest them to stick to a niche they love and relate to the most. #tarunyafam welcomes you to be a part of it and I could be contacted on my personal Instagram if any budding influencer wants to seek any help. I am aware of the challenges microinfluencers have to face initially and hence, I am glad to help anyone out.

Radhika Seth, Rohit Golia, Sakshi Malik still continue to be an inspiration for me and one day I would like to reach the bar set by them. I believe, the quality of the content is very important too and that should always be the first priority. You should never settle for anything less than the best and that's my motto nowadays.

As of now, my personal hashtag has been used more than 1.2 million times making it one of the trending hashtags on Instagram. It's #tarunya_vairagade and all this just within a year. My new IG handle has crossed 50k followers now and I have a huge audience of 370k on Facebook. I hope more keep coming. One can never really succeed by merely looking at others. You need your own willpower, belief and a lot of perseverance to keep moving ahead despite all the challenges. Tough the challenge, tougher the person becomes.

In words of Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj, stand up, stay firm and work towards the cause with utmost dedication and determination and your cause will garner support from others with time.

Hence, let's do our best and good things will fall into place.

I could be contacted on social media at the following handles-


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