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Stress Relief in My Music : Dr Santhi Saravanan

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

I am Dr Santhi Saravanan, SANTSAR, a renowned Celebrity Artist having excellent proficiency in Arts, Carnatic Singing and Veena, a fanatical Social Activist and Environmentalist, and an Art and Culture Resource Person, an eminent Financial Analyst and have set many World Records in Arts and other fields as well.

While playing the Veena and singing a Song, humming Rhythm within myself helps me to do a better performance. Love, Interest and Passion for Music make me play the Veena harmoniously. My first Guru taught me tranquil Music in such a way I used to practice each Musical Note/Chapter in a serene mode and enjoyed playing each one. I play the Veena for My God and Myself and then for the audience, which makes me play in a composed way to present soothing music that relaxes me and others who listen to it.

I write songs and compose music for those songs and play in Veena, thus representing myself as a multifaceted Artist. I love to play devotional and spiritual songs, which make me feel divine and blissful to show my gratitude to Kalaimagal (Saraswathi) who bestows her blessings on me. I am still a humble learner in my Art and Music which gives me the confidence to take up new challenges and give my best in whatever I do. I am delighted to be a Celebrity Artist but not a conceited person.

We have to connect to ourselves while playing music to relieve stress. Music has to be played to satisfy oneself/ourselves is very important. We cannot copy others’ Music or talent, which is an exclusive thing. I play songs rhythmically with beats to satisfy ourselves through continuous practice with self-connect. I was practising in the same way, I practice and I will also in future.

Listening to good music is an important skill which acts as a stress reliever as well. First, we have to listen before playing. We have to listen to other experts and masters music also to improvise our skills. Compete with yourself rather than compare with others. There is no superior or expert in music. Each one will have its style. Every day you should be ready to accept new challenges, new efforts, new learnings and new friends with self-confidence to excel in your work. While learning, you have to be like a child, like a budding artist and like a first learner so that you are open to facing any problem.

Life has good and bad things, experiences, friends and deeds but Art teaches me and gives me the power to take up the good things, experiences, friends and deeds in life and to move on to accomplish my goals. But keep in mind that you should not carry your good things and experiences also to the future which may make you feel proud and you will not succeed further.

I respect my Art as my Mother and embrace her like a child; with this impression, I never think lonely as she is always with me. I never sense that myself and my Art are different things; They cannot be split.

SANTSAR means the World. My Art and my name Santhi cannot be parted as I add Art in my name as,


- SANTSAR is Santhi, my son Tarun and my husband Saravanan

Painting is also a rhythm to me. Each colour is like SAREGAMA and brings more colour to my art. I can feel the Colour Tones and Rhythm in my music also, which gives me the important factor, Self-Satisfaction. I am not a teacher or a master. I would like to share my experiences and become a resource person.

We need to serve society with some good deeds. I have been conferred with several Honorary Doctorates for my contribution to my Profession, Art and Social Activist.

Here are some of my thoughts to enlighten your minds:

· Passion needs to be there within everyone.

· Never overthink yourself as an expert.

· Give your best, expertise

· Others have to praise you.

· Learnings and experiences should be kept in a box.

· Empty the box to learn, and get new things, and life skills.

· Have no expectations from others.

· Self-Appraisal and self-Confidence are important.

When I think I am an expert, my husband guides me whenever required or I will myself remember this story and when I murmur to myself, I will be free. I will be like crowned when I feel I am an expert, an invisible crown through award, shield, and recognition. That crown needs to be kept on a shelf, empty your cup by keeping the crown on a shelf to make yourself stress-free.

I like to speak to my art but within limits, 80% – 20% limit. Never go into deep. Outclassed as an Artist out of my passion and creativity along with nature as a friend and enjoy doing many such activities to outshine in my journey of Art, Music and still learning new stuff every day.

Expect the more surprising things to discover more

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