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Steaffy Elizabeth Shaji: Acceptance Speech at Journey Apsiring to Inspiring Edition 2023

A psychologist, and founder of the mental health and wellbeing organization COPE Culture, Miss Scuba India 2019 and has represented India at Miss Scuba International 2019, Steaffy Elizabeth Shaji wears multiple hats and tries to maintain a balance in all spheres she uptakes. From being a studious girl born into a conventional family, when she decided to take the path towards modelling - success didn't come easy for her.

She didn't give up on her dream of leaving a mark for herself and continued to participate in pageants one fine day in 2019, she was crowned Miss Scuba India 2019 and went ahead to be known as "India" at Miss Scuba International 2019 where she secured her position in the top 5. Being a psychologist and having fought her own mental health battle she realizes the importance of well-being, hence COPE Culture emerged.

She believes that if you have the ability to dream, you also have the possibility to live it, all you need to do is let yourself be driven by the pull of what you really love and it will never lead you astray

Let's Hear from Steaffy Elizabeth Shaji

I would like to dedicate this honour to my mentors and parents who have made me who I am today.

Thank you Eduthon, Stay featured, Poona College, Dr Prachetan, Dr Akshay Kamble, Mrs Bhawana Gupta, Mrs Shweta Pankaj and everyone who has been a part of this wonderful community for recognizing and honouring me with the "Journey Aspire to Inspire" award. It is indeed a privilege to be receiving this award and I'm grateful for the recognition I have received for my journey.

"This award will be a reminder of my journey and will keep me motivated to keep pursuing my vision towards more opportunities to come. "
- Steaffy Elizabeth Shaji ( Miss Scuba India 2019)

I would like to dedicate this award to my mentors, parents and my dear friend Suchetha who has been my main pillars throughout my entire journey, it wouldn't have been possible without any of their support.

My future goal is to curate more mental health related events, bring in more awareness and normalize talking about mental health. With my company I would like to cater wellness as a process and not a product and introduce wellness in unconventional ways.

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