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Sanosan India's Mother's Day Campaign Reminds Us That Every Day is Mother's Day

Sanosan, a prominent baby care brand hailing from Germany, has recently initiated a captivating Mother's Day campaign to establish a deep connection with mothers and honor the extraordinary bond between a mother and her child. The primary objective of this campaign is to convey the message that every day should be celebrated as Mother's Day, and Sanosan extends its appreciation to all the mothers around the world.

Renowned globally, Sanosan Baby care products are highly trusted by parents for their gentle and nurturing qualities, specifically designed for the delicate care of sensitive baby skin. The brand's products are meticulously formulated using natural ingredients such as organic olive oil and milk proteins, known for their protective and soothing properties. Each Sanosan product contains a blend of substances specially developed to cater to the needs of pregnant women and babies, promoting healthy skin. These products undergo rigorous clinical testing and are manufactured in Germany, adhering to stringent quality control measures. Rajendra Mehta, the Director of Sales & Marketing at Glowderma, expressed the brand's belief in the concept of a mother's touch, asserting that every Sanosan product aims to provide babies with a similar comforting sensation. Through their Mother's Day campaign, Sanosan intends to demonstrate gratitude towards mothers, emphasizing their exceptional role. The campaign's objective is to forge an emotional connection with mothers and remind them of their immeasurable value and significance every single day.

To breathe life into this campaign, Sanosan India collaborated with three influential mothers who are considered top influencers in the country. These influencers shared their personal experiences and emotions, effectively resonating with mothers across the nation. Through this partnership, Sanosan India aimed to establish a direct connection with mothers throughout the country. Sanosan India's unique Mother's Day Campaign has touched the hearts of countless mothers in India, leaving them feeling appreciated and valued. This campaign reflects Sanosan India's unwavering commitment to the well-being of babies and mothers, as well as their continuous efforts to provide the best possible care.

Rajendra Mehta further added that Sanosan India aims to develop products that embody a mother's touch for her baby. The brand endeavors to convey this message to every mother and express gratitude for their unwavering love and care. Considering the delicate and soft nature of a baby's skin, it is only natural for mothers to seek the safest and gentlest baby care products, such as Sanosan Baby Bath and Shampoo, Sanosan Baby Care Lotion, Sanosan Baby Care Cream, and Sanosan Baby Care Soap, among others. These exclusive products, preferred by Indian mothers, are developed by Sanosan's own research and development laboratories in Germany, in collaboration with dermatologists. Furthermore, these products undergo thorough clinical testing to ensure their effectiveness. One of the most intriguing aspects that sets Sanosan baby products apart from others is their incorporation of natural milk protein, which forms a protective layer on the baby's delicate skin, reducing moisture loss and providing a 24-hour moisturizing effect.

In addition to their exceptional ingredients, Sanosan's products are strictly free from harmful chemicals such as silicones, paraffins, SLS/SLEs, or Phenoxyethanol, providing mothers with complete peace of mind. Furthermore, all Sanosan formulas are biodegradable, aligning with the brand's commitment to the environment. With a presence in over 70 countries worldwide, Sanosan is a well-established brand under the umbrella of Mann & Schroder Cosmetics (M&S Cosmetics), a reputable company with over 70 years of experience. M&S Cosmetics, a family-owned company in its third generation, maintains high ethical standards and values while manufacturing more than 2,000 different products across various categories.

About Sanosan: Sanosan, a baby care brand launched in Germany in 1983, has gained the trust of parents worldwide for its gentle cleansing and care of sensitive baby skin. The brand's product formulas are based on natural ingredients, such as hydrolyzed milk protein and organic olive oil, renowned for their protective and soothing properties. Sanosan products consist of a combination of natural substances specially developed for delicate and sensitive baby skin. All Sanosan products undergo rigorous clinical testing and are exclusively manufactured in Germany, adhering to the highest standards of diligence and responsibility, ensuring strict quality control at every stage of production.

About Glowderma: Glowderma Lab Private Limited (Glowderma) is a Mumbai-based private limited company. Since its inception in 2003, Glowderma has been a leading pharmaceutical company, committed to launching trusted, innovative, and safe products in the field of dermatology. Known for maintaining the highest WHO GMP quality standards, Glowderma conducts extensive research based on valuable customer feedback. In line with its commitment to patient safety, Glowderma initiated the "MISSION NO PARABEN" by offering paraben-free products. With a growing network of over 800 distribution channels across India and a team of 400+ dedicated professionals, Glowderma continues to expand its reach and impact.


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