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Raise your sons right so that women are respected: Shefali Shah

FICCI Ladies Organisation (FLO) organized an interactive session with Shefali Shah, a versatile TV, film, and theatre actress, in the city on Thursday evening. The event, called "Shattering Stereotypes: The Fearless Voice of Shefali Shah," was held at The Park in Necklace Road and moderated by Ms Ratna Rao Shekar, author and editor of Wow Hyderabad.

During the session, Shefali spoke candidly about her life, journey in the film industry, various roles she played, and her perspective on various issues. When asked how she balances her profession and activism, and works on social causes, she replied that what she does on screen has no connection to what she does in real life. She emphasized that she is not a crusader for strong women.

Responding to another question about how to balance various pursuits and still succeed, Shefali emphasized that each individual's life is different, and there is no rulebook to lead one's life. She advised the audience to be true to themselves and strike a balance between their pursuits.

Shefali also stressed the importance of raising sons right so that women are respected. She shared that her strict parenting style includes making her sons help with domestic chores, and they don't get food if they don't sweep or mop the floor. When asked how she brings characters to life, Shefali shared that she gives 100% to whatever she does and gets obsessed with the role she is portraying in the movie. She emphasized that there is no place for stereotypes now, and actresses should look like the character they are playing.

Regarding her advice to young girls who wish to get into the film industry, Shefali encouraged them to keep testing their waters and trying. She emphasized the importance of patience and talent, and following one's guts.

Shefali also shared how she kept busy during the pandemic, and said that the only pain she experienced during that time was staying away from loved ones. In conclusion, FLO welcomed over 200 attendees and acknowledged Shefali's powerful performances and fearless voice, which is why they chose to invite her to interact with their members.


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