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Petex India, the largest Pet Industry trade show to be held at Hitex from Jan 27 to 29

PETEX India, India's largest gathering of Pet Industry Professionals and Pet Parents will be held at Hitex from January 27 to 29 for three days.

It is organized by Hitex in association with The Hyderabad Canine Club(HCC). Petex India 2023 will be in support of Mars International India Private Limited, Felica, Plush Puppy, Exotica, Wag, Buddy's Bowl, Bajaj Allianz, Vets on Cloud, Goodboy Kitchen, Odo- Rite, Augie, Commando Kennels and Ammu Kennels

Addressing a press conference this weekend , Mr. Srikanth T.G, Business Head, HITEX; Mr.Philip Butt, Honorary Secretary, and Mr. Adil Alam Khan, Treasurer of The Hyderabad Canine Club and Mr. Nitin Jain, Sales Director, Mars Intl India Pvt. Ltd said it is the Pet Industry Exposition featuring about 75 exhibitors covering the entire requirement of a pet

Over 20,000 visitors are expected to visit over the three days of the fair. It is a must-attend event for Pets and Pet Enthusiasts. It is being held after a gap of two years due to Corona. The entry to the show is through tickets. The entry fee for adults is Rs 300/- and for Kids Rs 150/-

Responsible Pet Parenting is the only way forward to avoid recurring freak incidents like the recent one which took place in the city where a food delivery boy jumped off a building to escape a dog and subsequently died, said experts in Pet Industry who spoke at the Press conference.

Mr. Philip Bhutt, Honorary Secretary of the Hyderabad Canine Club said lack of awareness is the big problem on both fronts. Both animals and human beings are scared of each other. In this case that is what has happened. Dogs are not scary animals. At the same time irresponsible pet parenting who don’t invest in socializing dogs is another issue. Awareness is the key, he added.

Mr. Nitin Jain, Sales Director of Mars Intl India added that one must get to know dogs and other pet animals better and also must learn to care for them. We on our front have been organizing seminars sensitizing people on Responsible Pet Parenting.

Intervening here, Mr. TG Srikanth, Business Head of Hitex, who is organizing Petex, India’s largest Pet Industry expo said, post-pandemic lot of people were crazy about adopting pet dogs, not knowing much about their care etc. What we need is more awareness.

Having pets at home has existed from time immemorial. But we have seen a rapid increase in pet adoption during the past decade. And this further increased during the recent pandemic.. It is now estimated that there are over 2 crore adopted dogs in India. And the adoption of cats is catching up fast. It is estimated that 20% of pet parents adopt cats. The reasons for this adoption are cited to be many. Ever increasing size of the middle-income group and their capability to spend, increase in the micronuclear families where pets have become the most sought-after companions and for the same reason due to the loneliness humankind faced due to the restrictions during the pandemic.

The way we live has changed and along with us our pets have moved. They are no longer viewed as animals who hang around the backyard. We now get to hear things like “pet parents”, “humanization of pets” etc., Consequence of all these developments is the explosion of the pet care industry. With an estimated size of about 8000 to 10,000 crores in India and growing at a pace of 14% annually, India is among the fastest growing pet care industries across the globe, he added

Multiple sectors have opened up due to this rapid growth. The pet food industry leads with over 80% of the market and others that are catching up fast are Grooming, Health care, Accessories, Toys, and Cafes. To address these issues, 5 5th edition of Petex has come up with a 360-degree approach to the pet industry. We have successfully brought in representations from all these sectors. At the same time, we also appeal to the Government to come out with Pet Care Policy or Policy on Companion Animals.

Giving details Mr. Nitin Jain said, Pedigree is the world’s No.1 dog food brand associated with Petex. We make healthy, delicious food for dogs of all shapes and sizes around the globe

Some of the highlights are that it will hold Hyderabad’s third International dog show – HyCan’23 which will showcase over 500 dogs belonging to 50 different breeds that will be judged by eight international judges from Spain, India, Australia, South Africa, Austria & Sweden. It will be the biggest show in India.

The Indian Cat Federation will hold the International Cat Show. This is a unique show. It will feature 120+ cats that will be judged by two International Judges from Turkey & Latvia

Another unique event will be Yoga amidst puppies. People can do Yoga classes with Indian-breed puppies

Dogathon, a mini-marathon for pet dogs with their parents will also be held. It is a mini-run in which the pet parents will make their pets run/walk like how humans run/walk in a marathon, but with the involvement of our pet dogs.

A unique competition, the Grooming of dogs will be held. Called HyCanGroomania Groomers from across the country would be showcasing their grooming skills on model or live dogs of different breeds which would be judged by a renowned Australian Grooming Expert James Bennett.

An exclusive veterinary scientific conference for pets will be organized. Over 80 Veterinarians from across Telangana and neighbouring states will participate in it.


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