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PayU’s 3DS 2.0 SDK solution provides 40% reduction in checkout time, faster payments

PayU, India's leading online payments solution provider, announced the launch of 3D Secure 2.0 SDK, offering a full native checkout and superior customer experience for all card transactions. PayU merchants can provide optimized customer experience​ while complying with major card network upgrades - including Visa and Mastercard while gaining better security and fraud protection. PayU’s lightweight 3DS 2.0 SDK provides lowered latency and a 40% reduction in checkout time. This EMVCo certified offering has been developed by PayU in collaboration with Wibmo, a PayU owned full stack global PayTech company.

Most card networks including Visa and Mastercard are geared to phase out older authentication systems and will be moving to 3DS 2.0 in India by October 2023. With a simple integration, PayU merchants and acquirers can be compliant with the 3DS 2.0 mandate. This light weight solution allows merchants to control user experience, offers the highest coverage across banks and card networks and unlocks frictionless, biometric capabilities.

Commenting on this development, Manas Mishra, Chief Product Officer, PayU payments said “This product is part of our ongoing commitment to offering a faster and safer digital payments infrastructure for our merchants. With this, we are helping businesses provide customers best in class user experience, and better success rates while supporting security authentication for all card use cases.”

This move is in line with PayU’s commitment to elevating its own security infrastructure and identifying ways to offer a safe digital payments infrastructure to the merchant community in India. Financial fraud in Indian banking amounted to INR 6,500 crore last year. Globally, 3DS 2.0 authentication has shown a 57% Fraud reduction and a 70% reduction in abandonment and is built for multiple devices and screen sizes, unlike earlier variants which were built only for computers.

About PayU:

PayU, India's leading online payment solutions provider, is regulated under the Reserve Bank of India and has advanced solutions to meet the digital payment needs of the Indian market. PayU India aims to create a full-stack digital financial services platform to serve all (tapped and untapped) financial needs of customers (merchants, banks and consumers) through technology.

PayU provides payment gateway solutions to online businesses through its cutting-edge and award-winning technology. PayU is one of the leading payment gateways in India & has empowered 5 lakh+ businesses, including leading enterprises, e-commerce giants and SMBs. It enables businesses to collect digital payments across 150+ online payment methods such as Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Net Banking, EMIs, BNPL, QR, UPI, Wallets, and more. It is a preferred partner in the affordability ecosystem, offering the maximum coverage of issuers & easy to implement integrations across card-based EMIs, pay later options and new-age cardless EMIs. PayU offers merchants best in industry success rates while ensuring a seamless checkout experience.


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