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Original Content is the King: D. Ramchandram about Talk on Trends in PR in 2023

In the Internet era, still, some old rules of the game will not change. Content is the King, witching the content original content is the King and within the original content, media content is the King said D. Ramchandram, one of the speakers at the “Trends in PR in 2023”, a talk held at St. Joseph’s Degree & PG College, King Koti, Hyderabad.

The talk was organised by Public Relations Society of Hyderabad(PRSI), Hyderabad Chapter.

About 70 participants from faculty, Journalism, Public Relations, Mass Communications, and members of PRSI attended.

Dr. Rohit Raj Mathur, OSD, Ayaan Institute of Medical Sciences and D. Ramchandram, Solus Media, addressed the gathering.

PR has made significant contributions to the rise of modern India. It showcased India's prowess in the field of IT, said Dr Mathur.

Skills for viral fame are in demand. A college in China offers a Degree Course and teaches on how to become a Social Media Celeb. So, PR professionals need to learn social media skills, said D. Ramchandram,

Teenagers have become Screenagers. They use TV, Mobile, Tablet, OTT, Film, Smart Watches, and Wearable Devices. So, PR professionals need to produce the content that is consumed on these devices, Stated D. Ramchandram

Today TV has become a second screen and mobile has already taken the top slot. News stories of the mass media have to compete with WhatsApp Forwards, Instagram Reels and YouTube Spoofs, Ramchandram added.

Influencer marketing is emerging as a major trend. Its market size is Rs 2800 crore. India has 8 crore influencers— Content Creators, YouTubers, Video Streamers and bloggers. 34% of Indians choose a brand based on influencers, Ramchandram shared

It is good to follow trends and transform your career. But it is equally good to be a trendsetter, D. Ramchandram told his participants.

Dr S. Ramu, Chairman, PRSI; Mr Y. Babji, Secretary General, PRSI graced and spoke on the occasion


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