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Optex Opticians Limited announces sponsorship to “Pushkar Sharma” .

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

The company has announced to support Pushkar financially to reach his highest potential as he is an emerging star in the world of cricket. He is a hardworking and determined person despite going through a very tough life following the demise of his father. Even while grieving his father's loss, he didn't give up the sport and worked hard for it to fulfil his and his father's dream.

Optex Opticians limited has pawned to support Pushkar Sharma, as an offer always given by the company to the needy but talented individuals. This will help him to compete and be eligible for regional and international tournaments over the course of one year.

“I am very happy to receive sponsorship from one of the famous eye care companies Optex Opticians Limited”, "Thank u so much to my family who supported me always especially my mom.
Playing for the nation in the future and becoming a Kenyan cricketer, is my dream forever."-
Pushkar Sharma, Captain of Ruaraka Sports

Kranthi Palapati, Managing Director, Optex Opticians Limited said,

”We as Optical service providers we value much the well-being of every individual. One of our aims has always been to lift up those who are trodden underfoot by the unbearable life due to the natural calamities that have befallen them. Losing a parent is not anyone’s mistake, instead, it is a natural calamity that comes unannounced. We feel the pinch when a talented youth is losing it in life just because of financial instability. We promise to stand with him and many more who may be in the same shoe as Pushkar.”

Sandip Pandey, middle-classChief Executive Officer, Optex Opticians Limited said,

“It is our delight to see our talented youth making it in life despite their middle class family background, therefore, we always feel it in stretching forth our helping hand to such talented but needy youths. The perspective these young talents bring on board is so peculiar and steadfast. We are so proud of him for consistently proving that no matter the demerits he can still emerge the very best. We promise to support him even in the near future for the success of his endeavours.”


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