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Noted Spiritual authority launches designer jewellery collection ‘Manidveep’ in gold and platinum

After having a huge following in the spiritual domain, Vidushii Luthra, the lady icon behind many success stories in the corporate and celebrity circle, is all set to carve a new success story, albeit this time in the world of gems and diamonds. Her new range of jewellery is the latest talk in the town. The wide range of handmade jewellery, called manidveep, is wooing many hearts for the range is entirely different and unique.

“My work is dedicated to my Lord and her consort, Devi. This range is about Devi’s abode, so it must be more beautiful than what the mind can fathom. We are not wanting to display this range online or in any adverts but will make it on order after looking at a person’s planetary chart or their faces. Every shape and style denotes a certain planetary and geometric essence and we shall take time but create jewellery that shall vibe with each individual. And every piece we shall make will be an offering to the Goddess, hence, will be made keeping Her beauty and grace in the ‘heart’. “, says Vidushii Luthra.

Manidveep range of platinum, rose gold and diamond includes neckwear sets, pendants, earrings, bracelets, chains, rings and armlets, which are all designed with certain motifs that seem to be telling a tale that is unheard of. More than a fashion accessory, every single piece looks like a hidden gem that’s unearthed from some vedic lore. The designs are all made keeping in mind aspects of beauty, wisdom, prosperity and are yet equally modern and retain the classic look.

Vidushii Luthra is a magical and inspirational persona who is committed to her path of spiritual work and this work, for her, is simply the worldly side to the same path. Having a vast knowledge of gems and metals, she seems to be reinventing whats been simply accepted by most as an object of beauty. But ‘beauty without brains’ is all about dullness and she says that “the ‘brain’ is about the planetary vibe that can be incorporated in any jewellery piece with a particular shape, design and metal and whence that happens, the beauty and the brain coincide.”

Power, the range that talks about growing one’s inner strength; Light, the range that focuses on increasing the brilliance and Heal, the jewellery pieces that are about the therapeutic gems, each piece of this ‘new age designer jewellery’ is what mesmerizes any individual. “Whats a fashion statement for someone can turn into the greatest meaningful piece of adornment into the ocean of divinity if you simply choose to wear these jewellery pieces with a certain awareness.”, says Luthra

She opens a certain birth chart, looks at a few planets and makes a design on the paper and guides the native who is consulting to go for the particular design in the neck close to the vishuddhi chakra and explains what difference that will make. But she says that she will read and design only at her pace and will and shall not design as per the customers’ demands for she is not catering to customers but beings who represent divinity. So unless you have patience and desire to add some depth in your life, this range is not for you. Or if you are emotional, then Manidveep’s ‘heart and hearth’ is prepared to welcome you. ‘The heart and the mind’ in sync with the soul, sounds like an exciting and wholesome combination when speaking about jewllery. This range surely seems like the right choice for this festive season and many more. Lighten up your core and your collection with ‘Manidveep’, the name that surely speaks ‘wisdom’ along with beauty.


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