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Nisarg Srishti Welfare Foundation Takes Bold Steps: Combats Noise Pollution and Promotes Water Conservation

 Nisarg Srishti Welfare Foundation, a trailblazer in environmental advocacy, has launched a groundbreaking initiative to combat noise pollution while championing the cause of water conservation. The recent session at Sane Guruji Shikshan Sanshtha, Pragati Vidyalaya, showcased the Foundation's unwavering commitment to creating a sustainable future.

Evaluating Rainwater Harvesting Setup

The dedicated team at Nisarg Srishti Welfare Foundation, led by event manager Shri Ravindra Kulkarni, conducted a comprehensive evaluation of the rainwater harvesting setup at Sane Guruji Shikshan Sanstha. This hands-on approach exemplifies the Foundation's practical solutions towards water conservation, a crucial aspect of environmental sustainability.

Environmental Awareness in Action

As part of their multifaceted approach, the Foundation recently organized a competition on noise pollution, inviting over 100 enthusiastic students to participate. The event, held at the prestigious venue of Sane Guruji Shikshan Sanshta, Pragati Vidyalaya, allowed young minds to express their creativity and concern for the environment.

Recognizing Young Environmental Champions

Acknowledging the commendable efforts of the participants, the Foundation awarded 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes, accompanied by thoughtful gifts and certificates. The competition not only celebrated the achievements of these young environmental champions but also provided a platform for them to propose innovative solutions to the critical issue of noise pollution.

Inspiring Tomorrow's Stewards

Garima Kavathekar, an esteemed speaker at the event, emphasized the importance of nurturing environmental stewardship in the younger generation. The Foundation's initiatives aim not only to raise awareness but also to inspire a new wave of environmentally conscious individuals dedicated to creating positive change.

Nisarg Srishti Welfare Foundation encourages everyone to join in the mission for a greener, quieter, and more sustainable world.

About Nisarg Srishti Welfare Foundation:

Nisarg Srishti Welfare Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to environmental advocacy and sustainable practices. Through innovative initiatives, the Foundation aims to empower communities and inspire a collective effort towards a greener and healthier planet.


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