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Mayaa SH interviews Aryan Sharma on Darpan 3.0, discussing Mental well-being.

What according to You is the underlying essence of Spiritualism?

Aryan: In my point of view, the underlying essence of spiritualism is the connection between mind, body, and soul, seeking inner peace and enlightenment.

How would you enlist few steps to strengthen the moral character of youth of our country?

Aryan: Few steps which help to strengthen the moral character of youth are teaching good values, making everyone understand each other's feelings by doing things together, and always doing the right thing – that's the real deal!

What according to you are two most important teachings by Swami Vivekananda?

Aryan: Swami Vivekananda emphasised helping others selflessly, known as Seva, while his teachings revolved around seeking wisdom, embracing truth, and following the path of knowledge, known as Jnana Yoga.

What does Indian mythology highlight on with respect to morals and values in life?

Aryan: Indian mythology beautifully illustrates the importance of dharma, which means doing what's right, karma, which is all about our actions shaping our destiny, and values like honesty and respect, showing us how important they are in life's tapestry.

What recommendations will you give to the youth of this country to maintain a healthy mental well-being?

Aryan: Taking care of yourself comes first, so make sure to focus on self-care daily. Mindfulness, found in activities like meditation or yoga, can help keep you centred. Don't forget the power of friends and family - seek their support. And if things get tough, never shy away from seeking professional help; it's okay to ask for it when you need it most.

"Darpan-3.0" organized by SIES (NERUL) COLLEGE OF ARTS, SCIENCE & COMMERCE (AUTONOMOUS) in Hybrid Mode focuses on the theme "Nirvana." This national conclave aims to celebrate the essence of Spiritualism: healing the mind and soul, fostering mentally robust, dignified, and humble Indian youth. This year's theme, "Nirvana," explores Spiritualism's impact on the youth of our nation.

Aryan Sharma is a writer, an author, compiler and an editor. He is known best for his International compilation, World Of Words. He has several credits to his meritocracy like honing skills from being a management student to being a judge at national level writing contests etc. He is the founder of Publishing Pitaara, which is a Mumbai-based agency on a mission to redefine the world of PR.

About the Author

Mayaa SH is a known and prominent name in contemporary literature. She is a multi-national and state award winner, a ten-time world record holder, an artist, a podcaster, and a chart-topping international fastest anthology co-authoress. Mayaa SH is an Indian author, writer, thinker, essayist, and women's empowerment culturist. Her contemporary prose work has highlighted and broken so many stereotypes about women and their power of self-belief.


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