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Magician is no more, but his magic will remain forever

The world was stunned by the sudden and unexpected demise of Shane Warne. No one knew that the life of the magician who would turn the ball so beautifully would take such an unexpected turn. His sudden exit from the world has left an unfilled void in the hearts of cricket fans. Every cricket fan mourned the death of the superstar. The magician is no more, but the innumerable memories he gave to the cricket lovers will forever be alive.

When one speaks of spin bowling, the first name which comes to mind is undoubtedly Shane Warne. He is not the leading wicket-taker, but he is undoubtedly the greatest spinner to have ever played the game. In a game dominated by the batter, it is highly unlikely for bowlers to be a household name. But not the case if you are Shane Warne. What makes his skillsets even special is the fact that he comes from a country that is not known for spin bowling. On the contrary, when the majority of the spinners who ruled the game came from the Indian subcontinent countries, the greatest of all came from Australia.