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Know more about "Lady Bird", Covid Warrior Noella Kambli

We all need help at some point in our life, and those in the position to provide it, have the obligation to. - Noella Kambli, Founder & Owner, Ladybird Events. On interacting with the Stay Featured team, she added: “I have seen hopelessness and sorrow in the eyes of people who have the skill, dedication, and motivation to earn and provide for their family, but simply lack the platform or means to market it. That platform is what I aim to provide.” Noella Kambli has always been passionate about helping others. Through Ladybird Events, she organises exhibitions, flea markets, events, workshops, and other entrepreneurial activities, primarily for small-scale women entrepreneurs. She is also the Founder of WMEE: Wo+Men’s Economic Empowerment (formerly WEE), a community group dedicated to supporting and promoting small-scale entrepreneurs. A people person, who loves to help the needy, her social service extends to numerous charity drives, social activism, supporting various NGOs, and other social causes, which led to her being honoured with the Mother Teresa Award for Social Service to Society for three consecutive years. Additionally, helping rehabilitate prison inmates made her the Joint Secretary of Prison Ministry India. She is also a Trustee & Committee Member of PCCS (Pune Christian Cemetery Society). While the world slipped into a pandemic pause, Noella remained adamant about helping, by providing shelter and food for those in need, distribution of PPE kits, masks, sanitising stations, etc. She also helped streamline a Covid-19 vaccination drive, which saw her felicitated as a ‘Covid Warrior’.


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