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KINGDOM OF ATLANTIS PRESENTS 1st SDG Conference scheduled on 26th and 27th of February 2022


Topics: - INTRODUCTION TO SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT - JOB OPPORTUNITIES AT THE KINGDOM OF ATLANTIS 26th and 27th of February 2022 - 6:00 pm IST onward. Live Stream on Facebook, YouTube and Zoom. FREE LISTINGS: Job Opportunities at The Kingdom of Atlantis to all Participants and Keynote Speakers. FREE EBOOK: Introduction to Sustainable Development to all Participants and Keynote Speakers. Do you want to join us as a Participant Please contact: H.R.H. Duke Prof. Dr Pratik Rajan Mungekar +91 97697 82051 H.R.M Chairman Michael Puzzolante

In this international conference, 28 countries are participating such as India, Indonesia, Croatia, Zimbabwe, Sweden, Viet Nam, Tunisia, Afghanistan, Egypt, Nigeria, Sri Lanka , Italy, Sudan, Romania, Greece, South Africa, Canada,

United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Tunisia Pakistan, Republic of Korea, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Israel, Bangladesh, Italy.

The first international conference is organised by

H.R.H.Duke Prof. Dr. Pratik Rajan Mungekar

Planetary Minister of Sustainable Development

(Ministry of Sustainable Development) The Kingdom of Atlantis.

Guest of Honour - Chief Guest

1 ) H.R.M.Chairman Michael Puzzolante

Chairman of the Board of Governors

"The first International Conference on Innovation and Sustainable Development Goals is meant to enlighten people from all ethnicities on what The Kingdom of Atlantis Decentralized Sovereign Kingdom is all about. The Kingdom of Atlantis has been created on the 01st of January 2021 and, as of today, we have selected 13,508 Atlantean Citizen Nominees, we have established a strong Planetary Government, we have claimed our Sovereign Territory and we are actively developing Diplomatic and Trade Relations with the other Sovereign States. The sole reason why The Kingdom of Atlantis has been created is to Properly Educate Human Beings on a Large Scale with the study and practice of Atlantean Metaphysics and Sustainable Development. This is how The Kingdom of Atlantis will contribute to the Positive Change Humanity and Planet Earth desperately need in these times of degradation of Moral Values and Social, Economics and Environmental Responsibilities. All the Members of the Government and all the Atlantean Citizens have pledged and committed to achieving this goal for the sake of creating an Advanced Civilization, here on Planet Earth, - a better place to live for the next generations to come." Kind regards, HRM Dr Michael Puzzolante, Chairman of All Boards of The Kingdom of Atlantis.

2 ) H.R.H. Grand Duke Mauro Virginio Polticchhia

Planetary Prime Minister Kngdom of Atlantis

"The first International Conference on Innovation and Sustainable Development Goals of The Kingdom Of Atlantis is a real milestone. We are in an epic time, from many points of view… it’s the right time to approach it with a unique and innovative concrete plan. The Kingdom of Atlantis integrates the ancient Atlantean Metaphysics Education and Knowledge plus the Sustainable Development to fix the Economic, Social, Civic, Spiritual and Environment issues we are facing as humanity activist."

H.E.Nur Ahmed & Dr Shelly Bisht are going to be the Moderators for the conference.

61 eminent personalities, educators, Government officials, Scientists, social activist & dignitaries across the globe are participating.

The list is as follows:

Guest /Keynote Speaker

Dr Shelly Bisht, Ms Patricia Gonde, HRH Dr Haakon "Hawk" Rian mAncient Ueland, Ms Reema Suneja , Dr Ha Kim Phuong, Mr. Naveen Gupta, Dr. Arun Rana, Prof. Hayet Hsini, Mr.Rumi B.H. Palsetia, Dr. Nadeem Ahmad khan, H.E. Hon. Amb. Mr. Ikramuddin Himmat Yar , Ms.Harshada Suryakant Potadar , Dr. Neyara Radwan, Ms. Seema singh, Prof. Dr. Suraiya Bano, Dr. Pratibha Shantaram Kadam, Ms. Adeyemo Busayo Victoria ,

Ms. Vedrana Šarec, Ms. W.T. Nilukshika Dimithri Wijerathna, Mr. Amujuri Biswanath, Ms. Željka Jovanovac, Dr. Kali Charan Rath, Dr. Sheetal M. Randhir,

H.R.H Duke Simeon Peter Olusola Gbeleyi, Mr. Hassan Hussein Mohammed Hamed, Ms. Prof. Nada Ratkovic, Ms. Hadarean Diana , Ms. Rania Lampou, Prof Dr Mehreen Mia, Mr. Prachetan Suryakant Potadar, Dr Kalpana Dixit, Ms.Chitralekha Potnis, Ms. Chandani Kinger, Ms. Kusum K, Mr. Rudi Salam Sinulingga, Dr. Muthmainnah , Dr. Vishwanath Panigrahi, Dr Wassef Youssef Elabed, Mr.Mihail-Alexandru Stanescu, Dr. Gbeleyi Simeon Peter Olusola, Mr.Oloruntoyin Sefiu Taiwo, Ms. Laura Stanciu, Mr. Haridas Mukharji , Husnain Mukhdoom, Ms. Lebura Olawale, Amb.YOSEP KANG, Prof. Dr. Queen Elizabeth Lucas, Mr. Samuel Shay, Kamaku Felix, Mohd Zuber, Ajra Tajhiji, Gloria Ifeyinwa Ayogu, Nadezhda Ivanova, Sharmad Phadke, Salman Saleem, Nur Ahmed.

We wish a great success & looking forward to it.


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