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Ishani Doshi Launches 'Nurturing Kindness' Community Service Group on Her 11th Birthday

Celebrating her 11th birthday on August 19th, Ishani Doshi embarked on a heartfelt mission to make a positive impact in her community. As part of her birthday festivities, Ishani took a remarkable step by founding the 'Nurturing Kindness' community service group. With the aim of spreading happiness and lending a helping hand to those in need, Ishani's initiative is set to create ripples of goodwill throughout the community.

The newly established 'Nurturing Kindness' group comprises young volunteers aged 8 to 14, primarily based in Pune. Ishani, a Grade 6 student at BVRTSE Pune, envisioned this initiative as an avenue to share the blessings in her life and encourage her peers to do the same. The group is poised to undertake charitable and community service endeavors on a quarterly basis, combining both online and offline efforts.

The inaugural act of benevolence undertaken by 'Nurturing Kindness' involved distributing fresh fruits to 400 female students at ZP School Bavdhan in Pune. This act of generosity marked the first step in Ishani's journey of philanthropy, demonstrating her commitment to making a meaningful difference in the lives of others.

Looking ahead, the 'Nurturing Kindness' group is gearing up for its next collective endeavor, scheduled for October. Ishani extends a warm invitation to her friends and other young individuals to join her in this noble cause. She hopes to unite a community of compassionate hearts, all dedicated to spreading joy and kindness far and wide.

To become a part of the 'Nurturing Kindness' initiative, interested individuals can reach out to Pooja Doshi at 9920181895 to be added to the WhatsApp group. Ishani Doshi's vision for a more caring and empathetic world is gaining momentum, inspiring others to follow suit and create a brighter future for all.

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