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"Impossible is possible in the eyes of crime," says Ravi Kishan on &TV's Mauka - E - Vardaat

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

&TV is all geared up to present its viewers with a riveting weekday crime series titled 'Mauka-E-Vardaat'. It is a show that ought to compel one to believe that the rhetoric 'reality' is stranger than fiction. Narrating some of the baffling crime stories, Bhojpuri Superstar and a well-known public and television personality Ravi Kishan will be seen giving a glimpse into some of the most shocking crimes. In a candid conversation, the popular actor talks in detail about the show and his role:

1.Tell us about your role in the show. How did you get associated with the show and what made you choose this role?

I will be giving a prelude to some of the most chilling tales of unimaginable and mindboggling crimes, its magnitude of salaciousness and bizarreness. There have been so many shows in a variety of genres, but Mauka-E-Vardaat stood out for me. It is the kind of show that convinced me to be a part of it in a heartbeat. After understanding the concept in detail, I realized that the show would showcase such unthinkable and inconceivable crime stories beyond belief. The impossible is possible in the eyes of crime, and the people need to know that. These stories will be the hook point for the audience to watch.

2.How is Mauka-E-Vardat different from the variety of crime-based shows on Indian Television? Will it be a weekday or weekend series?

There is a plethora of crime-based content available on Indian television these days, but & TV's Mauka-E-Vardaat is unique and refreshingly different. The daily episodes will showcase some of the most bizarre, unimaginable and inconceivable crime stories that will compel the audience to question – Yeh Hua TohKaise Hua? The show will an anthology series featuring the most thrilling and most mysterious crimes, inspired by real-life stories, leaving the audience at the edge of the seats with the most unpredictable turn of events.

3.What according to you is the USP of the show? What kind of crime stories can the viewers expect to see in the show?

Apart from presenting the most inconceivable, unimaginable crimes, the show will also have a woman protagonist playing an instrumental role in unravelling these extraordinary crimes' mystery. The viewers can expect twisted crime mysteries in the show.

4.Crime-genre has always appealed to the audience across all age groups. What do you think could be a reason for this?

The crime series genre has been and continues to the Indian audiences' all-time favourite. Indians appetite and fascination with salacious and mindboggling crime stories and mysteries has always been a cornerstone to various crime-based storytelling on Indian television. Crime fiction is appealing mainly because of the adventure and suspense as it offers the edge-of-the-seat thrill. With crime fiction, there comes an element of criminal psychology; people are often inquisitive about why one would commit a crime or how a criminal's mind works and what drove them into committing such a heinous crime.

5.Being a Bhojpuri superstar, how do you see the difference between Hindi and regional content?

In my experience, the regional and Hindi content, though have similarities but stand out in their unique way. Languages are quite a good learning experience and exciting. No only one becomes fluent in the language but one also gets to work on different content that each has to offer. I get the best of both worlds! But I strongly relate to the Bhojpuri audience. When performing for them in their language, it is like 'Maa kehaath ka khaana' which gives me the confidence to accept that I am a Bhojpuri superstar.

6.Your message for the viewers/readers?

My only message to the viewers is to keep their eyes open, be aware and watch out for any signs of a possible crime. Your safety always comes first. A criminal doesn't always look or behave like one, so it is essential to be mindful of your surroundings and teach your children to understand the difference between right and wrong, be aware and most importantly be cautious and alert. It is a joint effort and at the end of the day, it is the lives of our loved ones that matter more than anything in the world.

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I have always loved Ravi Kishan both in Bhojpuri and Hindi cinema!!❤️ Lots of love and looking forward to this show.

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