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Her Circle Paves the Way for Sustainability, With India’s First Carbon-Neutral Photoshoot

Her Circle, a platform devoted wholly towards women, through engaging content in the digital world, hosts India’s First Carbon-Neutral Cover Photoshoot. With a larger goal to uplift, empower and provide a safe space for women, the team stands committed to building awareness for the cause of sustainability. Backed with the mantra ‘go minimal for maximum impact’, the team curated a sustainability-themed photoshoot, perfectly timed to World Environment Day.

The outcome of the shoot shines a light on sustainability solutions. From featuring sustainability trailblazers to the choice of location; and from styling–makeup-catering; to the mode of travel, each element was passed through the filters of sustainability.

The endeavour of the shoot was clear - make fashion a sustainability cause. In a world crippled by global warming and where fashion and lifestyle choices directly impact the environment, sustainability is not just a trend to join, but rather a personal responsibility through unconventional creative imaginations and executions.

Featuring in the very special edition are three trailblazing women on the digital cover, who walk the talk and lead by example. Kirti Poonia, the champion of circularity fashion; Rameshwari Seth, Vegan, a clean beauty entrepreneur, and Elsie Gabriel an award-winning environmentalist. Each of these ladies follows the three R’s - reduce, reuse, and recycle. Each, conscious to consume less than the planet can replenish.

Facts of the uniquely curated shoot:

  • Keeping travel time minimal, the shoot was held in Mumbai at a beautiful eco-friendly home, made of brick and stone walls and energy-efficient design. From eco-friendly and biodegradable cutlery to reusable bottles and garbage segregation, responsible choices were made at every step

  • Only certified cruelty-free, organic makeup products with no heating tools were used

  • All outfits were sourced from sustainable fashion brands like The Right Cut, Okhai, Studio Maikai, Doodlage, The Summer House, Eka, Baka Jewelry, Noupelle, No Nasties, Saphed, and Angana Nanavaty

  • Shoots were scheduled early morning ensuring optimal utilization of natural lights. No artificial lights are used by the photographer, Anai Bharucha who is an expert in natural and organic photography

  • The catering was done by a home chef Mathilda Fernandes living within a kilometer’s radius, the menu was vegetarian, nutritious, and light

  • The cover images have been kept raw and organic, without resorting to image-enhancing software and filters

  • To ensure net-zero impact and balance out even the most minimal carbon footprint that the team may have generated during the process of this cover shoot, Her Circle has planted 100 trees through a tree plantation initiative via Sankalptaru

In the words of the feisty ladies:

Kirti Poonia, Co-Founder, Relove; Founder & Ex-CEO, Okhai said, “It is important to acknowledge circularity in fashion, the environmental impact of fast fashion, and how brands can opt for sustainability by repurposing and reusing fashion. In a very holistic manner, sustainability means we have to do something for the planet before it’s too late, and we must do every little thing we can do on a daily basis. The shoot was a unique opportunity to get up close to this beautiful ecosystem, without interfering with it.”

Rameshwari Seth, Co-Founder, Neemli Naturals said, “Sustainability is a priority, not an option. I’ve had a rewarding journey of building a sustainable business, transitioning from cinema to the sustainable skincare space. Taking care of our surroundings and flora and fauna is as important as taking care of our own home, and a responsibility each of us must take seriously. The shoot was a true reflection of what sustainability really is.”

Elsie Gabriel, Environmental Activist; Founder, Young Environmentalists Programme Trust, says, “There is a need and urgency to build the next generation of planet saviours, while also focusing on the oceans and oceanic biodiversity. I believe educating the next generation is the key to saving our planet for the future. Unless you know the value of the corals, the rainforests of the ocean, you will not know how important it is to conserve our oceans. The shoot wove in some beautiful elements which I am confident will leave a message for audiences.”

Tanya Chaitanya, Chief Content Officer, Digital & Diversity Initiatives, Reliance said, “At Her Circle, sustainability and inclusivity sit at the heart of everything we do. We create things that have a purpose, to begin with, and do it as responsibly and consciously as possible.

For World Environment Day, we set out to achieve a sustainable shoot with zero waste, and I’m so proud of the team, to have created a first for India. We intended to tell a meaningful story through naturally-lit photography, featuring three feisty women who are trailblazers for the sustainability cause. The location, built with and filled with exceptional natural resources and locally sourced essentials complemented the purpose of the shoot. Our champions look exceptional in these real surroundings, truly exemplifying our joint commitment to building a sustainable future. And in order to offset any carbon footprint we may have generated even while being conscious, post the shoot we have planted 100 trees via a plantation initiative.”

The shoot was an amazing learning experience for the team, and the entire journey that led to the success of India’s first carbon-neutral cover shoot has been captured in a special video which can be viewed here:


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