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Glimpses of Webinar on “ChatGPT and beyond, powered by Artificial Intelligence”

The ICT Committee of Federation of Telangana Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FTCCI) organized a Webinar on “ChatGPT and beyond, powered by Artificial Intelligence” on Monday evening.

Mr. Jayesh Ranjan, Principal Secretary ITE & C and Department of Industries & Commerce, Gov of Telangana was the Special Chief Guest. Addressing the virtual audience on Zoom he said it generates human-like responses. We have seen many advances in technology in the last ten years. ChatGPT is the latest in advancement of knowledge in the area of Artificial Intelligence (AI). ChatGPT is being used increasingly for fun purposes and fun questioning. I have asked for the most popular five Telugu proverbs. It not only gave them, both in Telugu, English, their meanings too. It has the ability to search so fast from vast data and give information. But, it is not 100% accurate. I asked "Who is Jayesh Ranjan?, the Health Secretary said. And I have not ever been a health secretary. Jayesh highlighted how ChatGPT and GPT tools can help the human race.

Like any other technologies, it has its own pitfalls and dangers. Students can misuse its power. They may not do research and simply use these tools. Children feel "Why original thinking, let machines do?', this can be disastrous for society.

When it was launched Elon Musk tweeted "Goodbye to HomeWork" Jayesh Ranjan said.

He brought to the notice of his audience that a Princeton student created an app called GPTZero that outsmarts ChatGPT. With the help of this now we can know how much percentage of an Essay or presentation has ChatGPT content. It can work similar to the software that checks plagiarism, he said.

Speaking about job loss, he said, these apprehensions are common whenever a new technology is introduced, people fear that there may be job losses. But on the contrary, it may create more new jobs. When compared to the advantages of GPT Engines, the pitfalls are far less. The state Telangana is focusing on AI and the year 2020 was observed as the year of AI in Telangana.

The ICT Committee of FTCCI must now focus on GPT Engines and tools, said Mr. Jayesh Ranjan.

Giving his welcome address Anil Agarwal, President of FTCCI said ChatGPT, GPT Tools and Engines will transform the way we do business, create content and curate it.

In her opening remarks, Mrs. Khyati Naravane, CEO, FTCCI said ChatGPT can answer questions, talk in natural language, and does much more than what we can imagine as of now. FTCCI is always in forefront in deciphering new technology for the people of the city,

Mr. K. Mohan Raidu, Chairman of ICT Committee, FTCCI said the webinar is timely and the need of the hour. It is disrupting the whole world with unimaginable tasks.

The Webinar was addressed by Mr. Bala Prasad Peddigari, Chief Innovation Officer and Global Head - Technology Advisory Services, CMT Unit at TCS and Co-Chair,ICT Committee, FTCCI. Speaking about Evolution of Generative AI, AI Trends, Outlook, Open AI, Chat GP use cases he said Generative AI is a disruptive technology that can generate artifacts that previously relied on humans, delivering innovative results without the biases of human experiences and thought processes.

These Artifacts include Images, text, audio, video or code. These can augment existing creative workflows collaboratively with humans through reinforcement. It has groundbreaking application and impact across Media, Communications, Manufacturing, Healthcare, IT and more

Speaking about how it impacts the media and entertainment industry Bala Prasad said it is deep learning and is growing more popular as an AI writing tool. Though there are no signs of humans getting replaced soon for creative writing, GPT tools are now writing screenplay or stories for short films with plots and twists.

Speaking about Generative AI Trends and Outlook quoting top Gartner Predictions, he said, 30% of outbound marketing messages from large organizations will be synthetically generated. 50% drug development initiatives will use generative AI.

Speaking about ChatGPT he said, it mimics human conversations with versatility, nuance and improvisation. It generates content such as Essays, Music, Teleplays, Articles, Lyrics and many more. It summarizes 100 pages of documents into one single page. It is trained on nearly 175 billion parameters.

Speaking about ChatGPT recent achievements he said B grade achieved in MBA degree exam at Wharton University of Pennsylvania; 99.9% score achieved in Psychology Today Verbal Linguistic Intelligence IQ Test.

The two reasons why ChatGPT has become so popular are one, it is trained on nearly 175 billion parameters. Another reason is its Policy and Moderation because of which it avoids giving any responses on parameters such as hate, harassment, violence, self-harm, sexual, political, spam, deception and malware.

He demonstrated how policy and moderation works by giving an example "Give a joke on Joe Biden". It says sorry, I have not rained on it


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