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First-of-its-kind OM TV app launched on the occasion of Mahashivratri

The app aims to enrich historical, mythological, cultural and religious India across all age with a philosophy of – GyaanBhi, GarvBhi

Presenting India’s first-of-its-kind OTT platform, OM TV, an app that offers everything which can make us say that we are Indians. Om TV is not just an ott platform, it's a thought that forced the team to embark on a journey of gaining knowledge while traversing through the various aspects of cultural roots that lay hidden in sculptures, temple carvings or structures , food habits, rituals and above all the people of the nation called Bharat. OM TV is just a humble attempt to showcase the diversity and deep-rooted philosophy present in the traditions of the nation And, the platform's philosophy reflects that which is "GARV BHI, GYAAN BHI "

Om TV is one place that has endeavoured to capture all the dimensions of Sanatan Dharm possible, through the strength of storytelling as stories are an integral part of our cultural roots. It' is an attempt to make the citizens of this country aware of the scientific knowledge, the science behind rituals and customs, deep philosophy embedded in every action through various programmes. If some mythological films and shows captured viewers imagination at one point in time, there are wisdom nuggets disseminated by elders in their talks, whose experience itself commands respect, in the show named aptly - The Chair. On one hand, if there is a programme debating on Aastha or Andhvishwaas, there are small nuggets of information in Gyaangyaan. While there is an attempt to enthral the audience through music and bhajans, there is also an attempt to bring in the everlasting philosophy of Gita through simple stories of the day to day life.

OM TV aspires to be the way of life that aims to capture the imagination through its stories in fiction or non-fiction format. It is still evolving to let its roots spread around to be able to make every Indian proud of their rich heritage through the knowledge that lies in Vedas, Puranas, Upanishads, Guru Granth Sahib, Shabads, Kirtan, Jatak Stories. In its evolving process, OM TV aims to conduct quiz programmes, bring the age-old Yoga for different learners, animated Stories of Puranas, Jatak Katha and nuggets of wisdom from revered Vedas, Guru Granth Sahib. Om Tv is proud of its conscious effort to raise the conscience of people around and hopes to carve its a philosophy in the audience too - GarvBhi, Gyan Bhi

The launch of the jyotirlinga TV app happened on the occasion of Mahashivratri at Mahakaleshwar Temple in Ujjain. The temple is one of the few jyotiling temples in India which makes the significance of the launch better. Present were actor Rajesh Kumar from Sarabhai fame, Mr Amit Azad, great-grandson of freedom fighter Chandrashekhar Azad and Mr Nitin Jai Shukla, Founder and Creator of OM TV app. The dignitaries, post taking blessings from Mahadev, launched the app and spoke about its relevance and significance in the temple itself.

Mr Nitin Jai Shukla, founder and creator of OM TV said, “It was my honour to be able to launch my app at Mahakaleshwar Temple, Ujjain, one of India’s most visited jyotirlinga. What makes it more special is we got the opportunity to launch it on the auspicious occasion of Mahashivratri. A special thank you to Usha Thakur Ji, Minister, Tourism and Culture, Madhya Pradesh and Mr Ashish Singh, Collector Ujjain, for letting us launch the app smoothly in the temple’s premise. My friend and actor Rajesh Kumar has been generous enough to do some anchor links for the OM TV app and being a part of this event and lastly Mr Amit Azad for lending his valuable information of his great grandfather Chandrashekhar Azad Ji and bestowing us with his presence at the event. We at OM TV are confident that one will connect with our app because it's a humble attempt to make every Indian proud of their rich heritage through the knowledge and connect with our philosophy- GarvBhi, Gyan Bhi”

Actor Rajesh Kumar said, “I have been a Mahadev bhakt since my childhood and have personally experienced his divine power. When I was told about being a part of the launch of OM TV at the Mahakaleshwar temple at Ujjain, I had no reasons to say no. One does not get an opportunity like this to witness the Mahakal aarti at one of India's prime jyotirlinga. I am very happy to associate with Nitin Jai Shukla, creator OM TV app. In fact, I have shot some anchor links for his app where the audience can expect a very different side of me. Here we are trying to enlighten people of the cultural, religious and heritage of India where we live in"


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