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EduDrone - WE CONNECT curated a hit initiative - Teachers Got Talent 2023

EduDrone - WE CONNECT curated a hit initiative - Teachers Got Talent 2023

Mrs Kajal Chhatija - Founder & CEO and Mr Sanjay Chhatija - Managing Director of EduDrone with their vision to bring the best to educational organisations try to keep their feet strong and hearts open while providing the best platforms to all.

The Teachers Got Talent - 2023, Paper Presentation was based on experiential learning aligning with NEP 2020 and NCF on the 15th of January 2023.

The initiative was supported by 65 school principals by being the cheerleaders of their teachers along with active partners; On My Own Technology, Adventure Education, Torrins India, OLL, Learntech, Azvasa, Vizuara, AddressHealth, Smart Planetarium, Codex, The Excel Express and K12 News.

The talent hunt consisted of two rounds where the first round was writing and submitting the paper and the second round was Presentation. Over 50 teachers from across all the specializations participated in the event; around 30 schools of Pune, Sangli & Mumbai.

Education stalwarts from top-notch schools witnessed the day-long event with their learnings being shared with all.

There were twelve teachers chosen for the first, second & third positions; 3 from each stage as per NEP ie; Foundational Stage, Primary Stage, Middle Stage & Secondary Stage.

The second round was evaluated by 4 judges for each stage along with them observers and timer keeper did their job professionally and presenters were allowed 3 mins to present the paper.

To give a twist and create vigour 8 tags were also added along with first, second and third trophies. A few to mention- Creative paper presentation, Hi-tech paper presentation, engaging paper presentation, and smart paper presentation. So, in all the teachers bagged 20trophies along with participation certificates given to all.

The winners of the event were as such for the preparatory stage we had for the first position, Ms Bijal Vinayak Yadav from Shiksha Veritas High School, for the second position, Ms Mayura Yadav from Ashwini International School, for the third position, Ms Megha Agarwal from PDEA’s EON Gyanankur English School and the Smart Paper Presentation was bagged by Ms Sadhana Kunal More from Kids Paradise School, Sangli.

Moving towards the primary stage; at the first position, we had Ms Snehal Welde from The Orchid School, Pune at the second position we had Ms Shreya Ramesh from Shiksha Veritas High School at the third position we had Ms Fatema Sapatwala from The keystone Ankuram and the tag Engaging Paper Presentation was grabbed by Ms Pallabi Mohapatra from The Orchid School.

The competition became more interesting in the Middle Stage. The winners were as such: First Position was taken by Ms Khushnuma Sayyed from Angel English Medium School, Second Position by Mr Shubham K Pandey from CES’s Dr Cyrus Poonawalla English Medium High School & Junior College, Third Position by Mrs Indira Choudhary from CES’s Motilal Talera English Medium School and the tag- Integrated Paper Presentation by Ms Nakshatra Vinod Bambal from Apex International School

Reaching the Secondary Stage became difficult for the judges as the presenters were the most competitive ones. But, finally, we reached the winners list to be as; First Position by Ms Swati Rathore from Ashwini International School, Second Position by Mr Tonmoy Haldar from The Lexicon International School, Wagholi, Third Position by Ms Leena Kadam from N. L. Dalmia High School, Mumbai, and there were four tags given away; Creative Paper Presentation to Ms Priti Dabade from PDEA’s English Medium School & Junior College, Thought Provoking Paper Presentation to Ms Hemali Joshi from Heritage International School, Hi–Tech Paper Presentation to Mr Bosco Babu from Bal Seva English Medium School & Innovative Paper Presentation to Ms Archana Rai from New Pune Public School.

The teachers thus won the hearts of the judges, observers and school leaders. The Chief Guest (Dr P. K. Rajput) & The Guest of Honour (Mrs Anu Bhatnagar) motivated teachers and brought their attention towards being a lifelong learners and build self-love.

This event was organised to enhance the presentation and creativity skills of the teachers in their respective specializations.

Certainly, it was a fun-filled learning treat for all the teachers. Aside from the freebies and prizes they also had the chance to be rekindled with a renewed heart and spirit in the light of the Keynote Speakers - Mrs Nivedita Madkikar, Dr Suhita Nadkarni & Dr Lakshmi Kumar Di.

The event was coordinated well by Mrs Deepali Shirgave, Mrs Rajkumari Agarwal & Mr Akash Walvanekar.


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