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Congratulations To Karb-e-Ehsaas

Literary Luminary Dr Mayaa SH pens down a heartfelt note On Congratulating Karb-e-Ehsaas on the 5th Anniversary of Curating Miracles.Gratitude and Compassion is Divine.

Gratitude comes when you feel complete from within. When you feel no lack of inner awareness, you feel Compassion. Whatever seed you sow, you will personally get the same result. If you sow the seeds of scarcity, scarcity will flourish. Conversely, if you sow the seeds of abundance and the seeds of gratitude in your life, these elements will blossom in your world.

There is gratitude in every particle of this creation. Compassion is an attraction. Kindness means bringing togetherness. There is something that binds ideologies together. This force that brings all life forms together and keeps them together in life is called compassion. Birds chirpy, trees bloom, similarly when there is lack of energy within you, this capacity of being Kind arises. If there is lack of this enthusiasm in life then how dull you become.Self-compassion, common humanity, and mindfulness are essential in the times we live in, so that we can practice gratitude and be grateful for what we have in life. When we realize the purpose of our existence or the purpose of our soul, we are able to be more compassionate towards people and situations. We should be grateful for all forms of life.God is working to restore the radiance of His glory that shine in and through us. Kindness is the way God deals with mankind. God teaches everyone to “Love and respect all life forms, do good, and lend kindness without expecting anything in return, so your reward will be great.Mindfulness means being completely absorbed by negative emotions without being in constant awareness of the pain. Each component of self-compassion constitutes a set of positive and negative emotions and behaviors, where the positive set must be present. Compassion supports a positive attitude toward oneself as well as a sense of well-being and purpose.

Karb-e-Ehsaas has helped others create a compassionate verve , happiness and an inner feeling of good. 'Empathy' is kindness in service. Compassion is a good deed in the journey of inner awakening. But after awakening or enlightenment, compassion ceases to be mere kindness and service, but service to humanity becomes a prayer, a form of devotion to God.One day, our physical body will die but we are, in fact, the divine soul. We need to understand this because this is the ultimate goal of life.

Then compassion is no longer towards the physical body but becomes love towards the soul. We serve humans but not as a service. We serve them as prayers. Therefore, gratitude is next to godliness. Creativity does an excellent job of bringing sensitivity and humanity. Our literature and language always inspire us with spiritual pride. That is why literary activitues have special importance in life. Through good literature and language, life becomes full of dignity and deep sensitivity. In fact one can become a reader of good literature, an administrator, a good actor and a good activist.

Here's Wishing Karb-e-Ehsaas to continue to advance towards ad infinitum!

- ©® Dr Mayaa S H

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