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Conducted the first Memorial Day of Rajendra Gaikwad, Founder President of Shidnak Foundation.

The first memorial day of Rajendra Gaikwad, the thirteenth descendant of Chhatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj's servant Govind Gopal Gaikwad was conducted at Babasaheb Ambedkar Sanskrutik Bhavan. He came to prominence as a successful entrepreneur after overcoming adversity by working in a brick kiln, sugarcane Juice centre in his childhood days and driving an Auto at a young age. Gaikwad's friends and family rekindled memories of the occasion.

Gaikwad was a keen student of History. He will always be remembered as a very humble and heartfelt personality. His dream was to take the Bahujan Samaj forward at all levels. He was instrumental in setting up the Dalit Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry. His friends and family expressed that, Gaikwad's thoughts, his work should be carried forward, it would be a true tribute to him.

Late Gaikwad was the founding director of GT Pest Control Pvt. Ltd. Former MLA Jaydev Gaikwad, Founding Director of DICCI Padmashri Milind Kamble, Shiva Charitra lecturer Yashwant Gosavi, history researcher Dattaji Nalawade, Modi script expert Ashok Nagare, Sassoon Hospital medical social worker Shalini Pawar, Author Dr Prem Hanwate, Yash Bhante, Director of GT Pest Control and Rajendra Gaikwad's son Jayesh Gaikwad, wife Ahilya Gaikwad, brother Suresh Gaikwad, Ramesh Gaikwad, Kailas Gaikwad, Pramod Inamdar, Vinod Kumar Jadhav, Vivek Kumar Tayde, Rishikesh Chavan etc. were present on the occasion. The program was moderated by Prashant Nikam. On this occasion, Dr Prem Hanwate's book 'Military History of Maharashtra' was presented.


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