COLLOQUIUM CHAPTER 5 brought glimpses of "What will education look like in the future?"

POSITIVE THOUGHTS CONSULTING & TRAINING SOLUTIONS presents its 5th Global Conference “COLLOQUIUM” on 31st Oct, 21 @6:00 PM IST through ZOOM as well as showcased on “FACEBOOK LIVE” on the official page of “POSITIVE THOUGHTS”.

This conference received tremendous responses from different corners of the world.

MASTER OF CEREMONY for the show was Mr Bitupan Baruah, India(Wellness coach, Motivational speaker, India Book of Holder, Philanthropist & Honorary Member of Positive Thoughts) and Ms Vilma Da Luz Barbosa, Brazil who is an Educator, Professor, and International Speaker, International Advisor of Positive Thoughts from Brazil and a member of many other International Organizations. They highlighted the Positive Thoughts, that it is a Global community of Super Positive Eminent Speakers, Trainers, Coaches, Educationists from all across the country and from many different countries, on a mission to empower millions of souls for ” STRESS-FREE EDUCATION” and “STRESS-FREE LIFE."

The fifth chapter of Colloquium’s interaction was about looking ahead and beyond the current pandemic, how do we envisage education changing? The events of the past year have accelerated our increasing familiarity and use of technology and online learning, making us wonder whether our education systems are keeping pace. What new possibility does this present? And what are the challenges to some of the structures we have in place now, for example in higher education?

Chief Guest, Queen Nadia Harihari who is a Founder & CEO of Successworld1, Ambassador UN Affairs at the International Human Rights Commission, Pro-Chancellor at El Roi London University, International Advisor of Positive Thoughts from France was welcomed and she has shared her pearls of wisdom.

With this love of interacting with the community, hearing their stories, and learning from their experiences, their first guest was Dr Aruna Wadkar from India who is the Founder & Director of HETS, Founder & President of HETS Foundation, President- WICCI, International Speaker, Edu Consultant. Dr Aruna said that Technology has changed the face of Resources. She also explained how can we make the classroom as dynamic as the world around us?

The next guest was Ms Corina Sujdea from Romania who is an Educator, International Speaker, IIU Board Member & International Ambassador, She also received the Best Teacher Award 2021. She explains the role of technology. The educational tech leader will rely on edtech for a variety of functions & they will integrate its use seamlessly in schools. Edtech will be a common tool in classrooms everywhere. Leaders will integrate digital technology as they prepare for the future.

She also talks about Quality Education. We must make sure that a Quality Education is just that education that serves each child pedagogically and developmentally.