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Chaiwala to CEO - An Inspiring journey of a Self Made Entrepreneur

So what does it take to build a thriving business from the ground-up in an industry like Real Estate? In the words of Priyatham Kumar, Founder & CEO, Homes247, a leading real estate portal, it is sheer hard work.

Mr. Priyatham’s, even after being a relatively new player, has established tie-ups for home financing with leading financial institutions like HDFC, SBI, and ICICI, to name a few. Today, the firm clocks over 10,000 visits per day on its website and have delivered homes to over 1700 homebuyers until now, and all this while being bootstrapped.

Priyatham Kumar was born and brought up in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh. His parents had a tea stall where he helped with the daily work from an early age. But his parents knew the value of education. Soon after his education, Mr. Kumar felt that he had a knack for sales, and he started as an FMCG salesman, rising through the ranks to become team lead, city head, regional head, VP, etc., across companies in Banking, Insurance, and Real Estate sectors.

Commenting on the inspiration behind starting Homes247, he said, “After I attained the designation of a VP, I had to face a very odd experience at my last company, that was against the principles I held dear to my core. I left it with a heavy heart. But it gave me the strength and inspired me to start which I believed must cover what my previous organizations lacked, and much more.”

He further added, “Because when the old guard or the elite fail to expand and experiment, the ones who are creative and innovative will ascend to the throne, because ultimately it's the common man making the choice and they want innovations that make lives easier”. The rise of digital has diminished the lines between urban and rural, even education is quite affordable now due to viable digital mediums. But real estate is still stuck in the last decade. on this note is now looking to expand into different business verticals and states across India."

According to Mr. Priyatham, determination and understanding, the customer is the key to building a successful career or a business. Teamwork, he added, “Is overlooked by many startups that failed, but is the key ingredient to building a successful business.”

When asked what message he has for budding entrepreneurs or people who face many challenges, he said “Don’t shy away from challenges, embrace them and grow. Behind every challenge, there is an opportunity. If you seek it out, it will lead to success.”


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