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"Calendar" - saluting Funeral workers among others

Calendar saluting Funeral workers among others is not just merely launched but personally handed over much to their surprise which resulted in some touching moments, made a funeral worker get tears in his eyes

The gesture moved many professionals and made them proud of their services during lockdowns

In a novel attempt, a Hyderabad based NGO brought out a special calendar titled “Carona Ke Veer Yoddha” dedicated to Funeral, Sanitation, Supermarket workers among others

It is not only brought out but, as a rare gesture, the calenders were presented physically as a mark of respect and gratitude to various professionals such as Funeral, Supermarket. Municipal Workers, Delivery Boys, Diagnostic professionals at others in their respective places of work

The high-quality calendar is produced and launched by Global Young People's Leadership Organisation, JCI Budhapurnima Hyderabad is dedicated to the courage, commitment and selflessness of Covid Warriors.

Junior Chamber International, generally referred to as JCI, is a non-profit international non-governmental organization of young people between 18 and 40 years old. It is present in about 124 countries. JCI Buddhapurnima Hyderabad is a local unit.

The calendar was unveiled on the eve of the swearing ceremony of the office bearers of the organisation, JCI Budhapurnima Hyderabad. The new office bearers are led by Rakesh Dahnnarapu, who is into aviation as President of the Chapter: Ms Saika Beerval as its Secretary, Shreekanta Gubba as its Treasurer among others.

"We feel simple 'thank you" is not enough to express our gratitude to the covid warriors. Hence, the calendar is to show them that they are loved and recognized, and to show how proud we are of them", said Rakesh Dhannarapu, the newly installed President of JCI Buddhapurnima Hyderabad.

The Calendar is our expression of sincere thanks to our heroes without capes (a superheroes tag).....Corona Ke Veer Yodha helped India move forward in lockdown period, he added

The February month in the calendar is dedicated to Health Workers; March --Sanitation workers; April --Police and Home Guards; May--Supermarket Workers; June --Delivery Personnel; July--Teachers and Educators; August--Media Personnel; September---Farmers; October--Aviation Industry and Transport sector; November---Funeral Workers and December--Pathologists and Diagnosticians

Adding further, the young president of 24 years old Chapter Rakesh stated, we have spent a little over 75000 on printing 1000 pieces of the calendar. The funds are raised would be used for the welfare of Covid Warriors, upskilling the young who have lost numerous class hours and for community activities.

You can access the calendar at:


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