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Another step towards glory, Asha-Azad Production’s Four Films got nominated

Times have changed and short films, today have found a huge market for themselves. However, it is also the film festivals that have begun taking this format very seriously. After winning almost 20 awards at various film festivals in India and Internationally, Suveer Bhambhani’s two films – Dad, David & Danny and Chhotu both see light at the 11thDada Saheb Phalke Film Festival – 21. Both the films have been nominated at this prestigious film festival under the Best-Short film category. Suveer Bhambhani is one of the finest acting coaches in the country and now aspires to tell stories through the medium of cinema. His strength lies in portraying human emotions so beautifully which makes Dad, David and Danny and Chhotu both a part of this esteemed film festival.

Alongside these two films directed by Suveer Bhambhani, two other films “You changed Me” and “Suta(The Daughter)” have also been selected for the 11th Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival - 21 that have been produced by Asha-Azad films.

“Suta- the daughter” is a family drama that speaks volumes about how a daughter sets right the unseen dysfunction between her parents. 'Suta (The Daughter)' has become a meaningful reason for Asha-Azad Films to climb another step of success, as the film has achieved immense success and has won the Special Jury Award at the Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival. To double the morale and rejuvenate the mind, the daughter-based film 'Suta (The Daughter)' is a family drama that tells about how a daughter would fix her unheard sag between her parents. The film has been appreciated by a large number of viewers and it is available on Hotstar.

On the other hand, “You changed Me” explores the relationship between a cab driver and his passenger and tells the audience that sometimes relationships like these can also leave a huge impact on you.

While Dad, David and Danny is serious drama, Chhotu is a light-hearted, feel-gooda film. However, both these films leave you thinking. Both these films have been directed by Suveer Bhambhani and produced by Asha-Azad Films, an independent production company from Indore, Madhya Pradesh.

Dad, David and Danny is a dramatic tale that revolves around the fractured relationship Tony shares with his son David and how Danny, their pet made all the difference. What makes this film interesting is the experimental format of the screenplay divided into chapters, with no dialogues but a gripping narration by the actor Rituraj Singh. The highlight of the film is the stellar performance by Dr(ER). Azad Jain, who also happens to be the founder of Asha-Azad Films. The actor underwent rigorous training and hours of workshop to achieve the different stages of life portrayed in the film. His performance in the film is outstanding.

Alongside Azad Jain are Anuj Singh Duhan and Nandini Patel who have very effortlessly portrayed the layers in the respective characters in such a short time. While Anuj Singh Duhan plays the hot-headed David, Nandini Patel essays the role of a sensitive hooker who ends up falling in love. Suveer Bhambhani in a toduration of 20 minutes takes you through a roller-coaster ride of emotions making this film worth a watch!

Also presented by Asha-Azad films and directed by Suveer Bhambhani comes another short film titled CHHOTU that has made its way to the 11th Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival.

Chhotu is a coming of age drama that revolves around Yogi, a stressed small-town man in his late 50's played by the versatile DR.(Er). Azad Jain again. Yogi’s unusual encounter with a strange child takes his life to turn. The child (Chhotu) is mysterious but somehow is the answer to Yogi's life problems. durationWith such an interesting plot, Chhotu also becomes an attention-grabbing tale to watch.

Asha-Azad films for sure proving to be a production house that creates meaningful cinema.We wish this talented team a stroke of very good luck!


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